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Even though our active shop hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM, feel free to place an order for a reading day or night!

Once you purchase this reading, please send me your question in the personalization section, e-mail to beesbotanica [!at] gmail.com OR a message in ETSY CONVERSATIONS, also include your name (First name, Middle name, Last name if you wish) and birth day (day, month, year and time of birth if you know it). When you purchase this, a PDF file containing your reading will be sent to you via e-mail or ETSY CONVERSATIONS as a digital PDF file that you can download. Feel free to include any extra information such as pictures or other details in your message if it pertains to your reading. Please allow me up to 50 hours to complete the reading, although I try to do it as soon as possible! You must be 18 or older, as I cannot offer spiritual services to minors.

🍃 I repeat: All readings will be delivered to you via E-MAIL as a PDF download within 50 hours or sooner after purchasing, make sure you send me your question in the personalization section, E-MAIL or ETSY CONVERSATIONS ASAP! EMAIL beesbotanica [!at] gmail.com or see ETSY CONVERSATIONS. 🍃

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This is a very colorful and vibrant Wild Watercolor Tarot Card reading that will be made personally for you, using the Wild Unknown cards written and illustrated by Kim Krans. These beautifully drawn cards showcase a contrast of rainbow and black and white. They feature animals and nature as archetypes of the tarot. These cards help you with any general situation, life path work, or questions pertaining to your spiritual journey. These cards make you see the beauty in the natural world while providing wisdom. I will ask my spirit guides to help deliver important messages to you through the cards. Why don't you see what's within the watercolor?

Traditionally, I use a general 3 card spread, which consists of 3 cards;

1.The Root of the Question or Issue
2.The Situation as it stand now Presently
3.The Future- How it will resolve

but if you specify I can do other 3 card spreads such as Past, Present, Near-Future, and Far-Future ect. just ask! As long as it is 3 cards.


YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO RECEIVE A READING. By law, I am putting this in to state that all psychic readings and services are for entertainment purposes only, should not be replaced with advice from health professionals, psychiatric help, ect. Although this is a personalized reading which I put time and effort into, psychic readings do not always turn out always accurate. God cannot control the free will of humans, therefore future outcomes can change due to uncontrolled circumstances. If your reading is inaccurate, please do tell me so in a respectful manner and I may consider trying again. I have the right to cut off contact with any client if they are abusing my services, harassing me, or testing my psychic abilities. I maintain the right to refuse or terminate service at any given time within reason. No refunds are done for my reading services once completed. Please do not steal or plagiarize my content, art, writings, or information, it is against my policy and will be reported. If any issues arise, please feel free to message me about it via e-mail so we can work it out. The Wild Uknown Tarot and all its art belongs to the author, Kim Krans. Please support her by buying this deck: https://bit.ly/2oPGFFm.

By purchasing from us you agree to our policies here:


WILD WATERCOLOR Reading - 3 Cards, High Quality Digital Download


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