What the Planets bring to your Houses


what the planets bring to your houses ✍🏼


this is where your stage is. people can’t help but see the light you emit here. don’t even try to hide. where you are admired and looked up to. i think you love it here. it’s where you find yourself. if you’re ever feeling lost, this is where to go.


you’ll never be able to disconnect from this part of your life. you need this to feel balanced and content. it’s where you are at a soul level– probably because your mom/parents put your heart here.


you come to life when you’re here. your mind lights up with a million different ideas. you naturally understand this part of life because it’s always been very familiar. it will always be intriguing and you will always learn more about it.


your artistic pursuits lie here. it’s where you want to make connections. it’s where you see other people when really, a big part of you is there too. you see beauty in this, therefore this is where your true beauty comes out. your secret admirers are here.


you were driven to put everything you have and everything you are into this. your passion comes alive here. you identify with this place and this part of your life. where you fight and what you fight for. you’re intimidating when you come here because of your confidence and fighting spirit.


authority is here, and watches over you like a hawk. always stopping you and pumping the breaks. you’re always stalling here. it’s what your father taught you and where you are most responsible. you’re getting a late start here but in the end, you’ll be better at it than all of them.


where you are blessed, and where you feel god coming through. how you find god. where and what makes you feel overwhelmed. here, you have good energy that attracts grand things. something about it, you just love so much it makes your heart swell. your talent. you have so much fun with this, it’s probably your biggest joy.


right where you belong and where you stand out at the same time. where you are seen as ‘you’, and what others find interesting or different about you. this is where you are stimulated and inspired. this is where your soul, mind and spirit need to come together to make something original.


where you are misunderstood, or possibly not even seen. it’s easy to hide there. your weak spot. when you need to escape, this is exactly where you want to go. but don’t spend too much time here or you’ll start feeling blue. it’s nice to be here to recharge for a bit, & i know you love it here but it will steal your happiness if you stay too long.


you don’t like it here because when you’re hurting, this is how and where you handle it. it’s where things have never been that great and i’m sorry. even though it gets bad, this is where you are the strongest. this part of you changes all the time to become better. pluto won’t stop until this place is in tip-top shape. the devil wants to wreck you here, but god says he’ll help you build yourself stronger each time you’re kicked down here.

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