🌊 Water Magick🌊


Here’s a list I’ve compiled for different types, places, and times to collect water and charged waters. I use these primarily for different energies to paint with but the information can be used in a variety of ways to fit your practice.


💧 Rain: cleansing, protection, energy (if collected during a sun shower it is also associated with balance and the first rain in the month of May (Aqua de Mayo is considered to bring good health, luck, and eliminate dark entities ) 💧 Creek/Stream: purification, harmony 💧Dew: Health, eyesight, beauty 💧 Fog/Mist: Creativity, balance, partnerships 💧 Ice: Transformation, balance, creativity

💧 Pond/Lake: peace, contentment, relaxation, self reflection 💧 River: moving forward, protection 💧Sea/Ocean: health, power, goal manifestation 💧 Snow: Transformation, balance 💧 Spring Water: growth, cleansing, protection, prosperity 💧 Swamp/Waste: Banishing, binding 💧 Waterfalls: power, energy, success 💧Well: healing, wishes, intuition

💧 Tears: healing, compassion, emotional upheaval, blessings, binding, fertility/pregnancy, self reflection

☔ Seasonal Rains☔

These are specific associations for rains collected on the day or night of a solstice or equinox which make them more rare. 💧 Spring: New Ventures 💧 Summer: Growth 💧 Autumn: Gratitude 💧 Winter: Blessing

🌙 Moon Water🌙

In general water charged under the moon is considered sacred to the goddess and is associated with feminine energies and intuition. Here are some associations with the specific phases: 🌑New/Dark: curses, banishing, divination

🌘Waxing Crescent: attraction, wealth, success 🌗 First Quarter: creativity, motivation 🌖 Waxing Gibbous: good health, attraction 🌕 Full Moon: Healing, cleansing, clarity 🌔 Waning Gibbous: undoing, cleansing 🌓 Last Quarter: breaking bad habits, banishing 🌒 Waning Crescent: wisdom, illness, balance

📝 Note: you can also charge your water under full moons that correspond to your intentions. Examples- full flower moon for fertility, beauty, and feminine energy or full moon in Aquarius for the added associations.

🔆 Sun Water: (Water charged from dawn til dusk) positivity, energy, power, strength, masculine energy. 🌹 Rose Water: (Either rain, dew, or snow collected from roses or condensation collected from boiling roses) love, protection, commitment, beauty, compassion 💀 Gravestones: (water collected from grave sites) ease of loss, restfulness, burying or releasing feelings. 🏛 Monuments: (water collected at monument sites) remembrance, nostalgia, patriotism, loss 🌈 Rainbow: (Water collected during a sun shower while a rainbow is present) luck, wealth, happiness, fulfillment, positivity.

I hope this helps you guys! As always, listen to your intuition about the energy of a particular water you have collected and remember to charge it with your specific intent.

Light and Love friends!

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