🦋Tips for Sensitive Witches🦋

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

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I know a lot of Witches who are sensitive to their environments and others. If you are one of these people, you are not alone. You simply have stronger senses than the average person, and that is okay, in fact, it is a gift. I understand what it’s like to be sensitive, sometimes it can be really tough in crowded situations, where you are receiving too much external information causing an overload of stimuli.

-Top Tips for Sensitive Witches-


🦋 Use Crystals such as tourmaline, prehnite, smokey quartz, sugilite, amethyst, onyx, obsidian and labradorite. These crystals offer protection from psychic attacks or energy vampires.

🦋Learn grounding techniques. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed in your current environment, find something to bring your focus back to the present by conciously using your physical senses. What do you see? What do you smell? What is overwhelming you at that very moment? If you can't seem to get grounded, take some deep breaths and if you can, keep a grounding stone such as a Jade or Moss Agate on hand and give it a rub with your thumb when you need it.

🦋 Surround yourself with Light by visualizing a force field around your whole body from above the top of the head, to below the feet. By surrounding yourself with this white light, it offers protection and shields you from harmful energies.

🦋 Know Thyself and make sure you trust your gut instincts and inner feelings. Set boundaries, this applies too when people ask you for things when you are of generous nature. Be generous and kind, but don’t let other people use you for time, energy, or things.

🦋 Meditate Daily, and during that time don’t think or do anything but sit and meditate. Put on some ambience or some rain sounds and find a comfortable place to sit. This helps you relax and become more in control of your own emotions, clears the mind and increases mindfulness. This is a very healthy practice to do regardless of whether you are sensitive or not.

🦋 Retreat If you can in an overwhelming situation, seek refuge in a bathroom or somewhere quiet. Sometimes sensitive people are empaths and they pick up on other peoples emotions. Removing yourself for a while refreshes you for at least a little while.

🦋 Take care of yourself after a stressful outing make sure you remember to relax. The body is like a sponge and the energies can be absorbed into the muscles as tension. A good way to relax and cleanse is to take a Himalayan Salt bath. You can use herbs, oils, bath bombs, face masks and anything that helps you relax. You deserve to pamper yourself after feeling everyones emotions all day!

Thank you for sending your questions,

I hope this helps!

Have a great day, blessed be! 🌞

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