Thrift Tips for the Modern Witch

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Discover the magick of thrifted Witch supplies & learn how to shop like a pro!

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Thrift Tips

for the Modern Witch

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☽ · Hey Witches! · ☾

A common hobby Witches have is thrift shopping, as we often feel drawn to look there and we end up coming home with an old object we fall in love with. Not only is it a cost effective way to find tools or decorations for your altar, but often you find valuable treasures. The possibilities are limitless to what you can stumble upon.

Thrift shopping in itself can be a fun experience and past time to do alone or with friends. You can discuss about all the interesting objects you see and find amongst the cluttered racks. Lots of residual energy lives there, and you want to make a piece of someone else's history into something handy for yourself.

Most of my tools have been inherited, are vintage or have been thrifted. I am so thankful I have been at the right place at the right time to find the special tools I use today. There is no better feeling than scoring the perfect find to suit your needs! For example, I ended up finding this old jewelry box and turned it into my new Apothecary cabinet. Today I wanted to share what to look for when you thrift, and some valuable tips to help you score big on your next adventure to the shop!

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Things to look for...

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When you are out and about, always remain open to all possibilities, as you never know what you will find. Prepare your imagination to get creative and find innovative ways to turn old things into new. Try to see the value in everything, not only for what it is, but for what it could be. Some examples of things you may want to look out for are...

☽ Brooms ☾

Every Witch should have a broom! On my trip I stumbled across a handmade cinnamon broom still in its packaging. You can find these fairly often if you keep your eyes peeled! You can find straw brooms, sweet grass, twig brooms and more. It is good luck to have your bristles pointing towards the ceiling when you display your broom in your home.

☽ Candle Holders ☾

Chances are there's tons of those along with candles, you may get lucky and find some Witchy ones. Picture the objects in your home surrounded by the other objects you already own and decide if it fits.

☽ Books ☾

Not only can you score some pretty amazing reads at thrift stores, but you can find some gorgeous books to stack up on your altar for a Witchy vibe. This can be a very easy but effective way of decorating and creating some height in an altar space.

☽ Religious Relics ☾

Sometimes you can get lucky and find Buddhas, Egyptian Statues, or Animal Totems. I managed to find a lot of Egyptian Candle Holders at a couple different stores in my town.

☽ Cauldrons/Burn Pots ☾

Cauldrons don't always have to be cast iron. You may be surprised that you would find the perfect cauldron at a thrift store! As long as it is suitable to burn things inside, it doesn't matter what its purpose was in the past.

☽ Jewelry Boxes/Cabinets ☾

Previously I mentioned that I found the perfect box to turn into my Apothecary Cabinet, but I also found a second one to keep some of my pendulums and crystals in. You can decide how to lay out your cabinets, but I found these were perfect uses for the ones I found. This cabinet was missing one knob, but I still liked this piece regardless and knew that I could always fix it later on.

Other items...

🌟 Wind Chimes

🌟 Light Catchers

🌟 Empty Journals

🌟 Leather Satchels

🌟 Statues of Mythical Creatures

🌟 Wax Burners

🌟 Antlers & Animal Skulls

🌟 Fairy Lights

🌟 Vintage Dishware

🌟 Glass Bottles

🌟 Seashells

🌟 Hourglasses

🌟 Artwork

🌟 Bells

🌟 Witchy Jewelry

🌟 Salt Lamps

🌟 Incense Holders

🌟 Witches' Spoons

🌟 Candle Snuffers

🌟 Lanterns

🌟 Crystals

🌟 Tea Cups

🌟 Altar Cloths

🌟 Altar Tables

🌟 Mirrors

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Thrift Tips

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💡 Go with a friend! They may end up pointing something out that you completely missed and you will be so thankful they came along!

💡 Keep an eye out for vintage objects that will spice up your spiritual space. Keep your personal style in mind when shopping for decor and tools. Velvet lined containers, chalices and candle snuffers are just a few vintage objects you may find at your local shops.

💡 Dig a little. The object you so desire may be buried under something else. Don't be afraid to look, as you could find some buried treasure!

💡 What ordinary objects can be useful for you? Think about that next time you are searching. A tea cup may be just a tea cup to someone else, but to you it could be your handy tasseography cup. Look for ordinary objects you can turn into Witchy Tools.

💡 Use your intuition when you shop. Where are you drawn to intuitively versus visually? You'll be so surprised where your inner knowing takes you.

💡 Visit shops regularly to increase your chances on getting the best items and deals. Ask an older relative to go with you on seniors days to receive a great discount.

💡 Think about the potential of objects, they may not seem to be that grand by themselves but you could always turn it into something great. You would be surprised what a simple coat of paint can do.

💡 Visit more than one thrift shop at a time to really score. You may not find all you need in one spot, so if you can visit a couple thrift stores within close proximity to each other that would give you the best results.

💡Ask an employee if they know what days they put out most of their merchandise, that way you will be certain you are going there at a good time and will guarantee that you find a treasure.

This is just a little bit of my tips for thrifting. I hope to share more in the future and take you with me on my next endeavor. I hope this post inspires you to go on an adventure to get some amazing things for your altar space. I would love to see photos of whatever you thrift, so please post them down in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading,

and blessed be! 🐝

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