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Okay...Let's face it. Curses are scary. Curses are vile. Curses cause harm and misfortune to those they affect. Being Cursed can change your life not for the better, but for the worst.

Everybody knows that, but when it comes down to it, what would you truly do if you became cursed? If you are one of those people that have no idea what to do if you come across this problem, keep on reading from some advice!



🕷️ Merry meet, Camila! 🕷️

⚫ Curses can be tough, and rough on us. Believe me I've been through it without realizing. I commend you for noticing that something was off and taking the steps to fix this. You are very brave for wanting to put an end to something so powerful. 🔴

🔵The best way to ward off the evil eye is to avoid it completely in the first place by wearing protective talismans such as blue nazars, you can tie a black thread around your wrist or ankle, you can wear a red cornicello horn which looks like a chili pepper, or the mano cornuto which represents a hand gesture that wards off evil. You can also create your own enchanted necklace or talisman that will ward off evil and negative influences. Create an all-purpose talisman for Curses in general. If necessary, perform a banishing ritual in the home near your family to get rid of negative influences that you think have affected them as well. Include names in your ritual if you know who the perpetrator is, as it will make it more effective. If you know who it is that is giving you Evil Eye, stay away from them as much as possible, although I know realistically this can be a challenge. 🧿

🥚 If you truly believe you are a victim of the Evil Eye Curse, there are several ways to cure “mal de ojo”; one traditional Mexican method utilizes a raw egg. The egg, a universal symbol of purity and birth, absorbs evil energies as it passes over the forehead and the body of the victim as they lay prone. The egg is then broken over a bowl of water and the forms are then examined closely for any unusual shapes or symbols. Some people claim that the gender of the person cast the evil eye can be revealed from those shapes. An oval or eye shape seen in the yolk or whites indicate that the evil eye’s power has been successfully removed from the victim. 👁️

🥀 Don’t let the Evil eye psych you out, sometimes you can trick yourself into believing you are really cursed and can influence your behavior without even knowing it. This doesn't just apply to Evil Eye, but all Curses. That is why they are so powerful, because it messes with the psyche and unconscious mind. This is why psychic protection and awareness is so important. 🌷

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✨ I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions! ✨

Thanks so much for reading, & blessed be!

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