🍯 thє mαgíck σf : hσnєч

díscσvєr thє mαgíck σf hσnєy 🐝


/ˈhənē/ hon‧ey

🍯ѕcιenтιғιc naмe:

Mel is honey in latin. honey bee is Apis mellifera, Apis is the Latin word for “bee” and mellifera is Greek for “honey-bearing.”


originated sometime 2100 B.C. in southern Asia, although some say they came from Africa.


Yes especially in teas, baking. You can even use it topically in a cream or facemask, or make an oil potion with a touch of honey. Its extremely good for the skin. Egyptian magick often incorporates honey into their beauty rituals.


honey can represent all 4 elements although it its considered to be mostly ruled by fire.




Sun & Venus


Yin (90%)

🍯мedιcιnal properтιeѕ:

Honey is good topically as well as internally. It is antibacterial so it’s great for wounds, burns and acne. It can even be used topically to treat dandruff! The antioxidants repair skin and prevent environmental damage. it also coats the throat so it is considered a natural cough syrup, and it triggers nerves in the throat that help relieve coughing. It can help with sleep, Honey is anti-inflammatory and can actually alleviate allergies.

It can provide bursts of energy because there is 17 g of carbs packed in one tablespoon. Honey can cause rises in insulin, and therefore produces more serotonin, which converts into melotonin. That makes honey a mood booster and a sleep aid all in one. Even though it is very carbohydrate dense, it can boost the metabolism and curbs sugar cravings, and even help you build muscle!

🍯мagιcĸal υѕeѕ:

Honey can be symbolically used in magick to meld things together. It can be used in binding spells, adding stability to relationships, and strengthening bonds. It’s good for binding spells because it can be undone fairly easily too. It’s sometimes used to sweeten a person or situation to work in your favor. (see spells to sweeten him/her)

Honey is an excellent offering to gods and spirits and is linked with the number 6, Aphrodite and the hexagonal shape. A dab of it can be used in attraction, love, lust, and sex magic. It is also popular for health and healing, as well as coven spells (because bees are community animals!)

Candle magick is also popular with honey. Try anointing some beeswax candles with some honey! You can make and keep “sweetening jars” contain almost any kind of pure sweetener, such as brown or white sugar, honey, molasses, or syrup. You can keep them around your house to promote sweetness, fertility, or prosperity. You can give them to people you love. This is a very positive and uplifting form of magick (see hoodoo).

🌿Lavender Honey Recipe:🌿

the Honey of Magick, said to increase magickal powers to those who consume it, and is believed to be extra potent when used in Magic and spells. It has been considered a powerful instrument of the Witches for eons.

-1 cup of honey

-30 fresh lavender heads or 1 ½ tablespoons of dried buds

Start by warming the honey on the stove using low heat. Bless the honey and gve thanks to the bees as you stir and put your energy into it. Remove heat, cover and let sit for a day. Warm the honey again until it is nice an runny. You can strain the buds if you like and store in a lovely jar of your choosing. Let cool and cover. Reccomended to be consumed daily for maximum effect.

~ thє вlєssєd вєє 🌸🐝

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