Tarot Cards and Their Meanings



Ace: Beginnings, birth, energy, self-image, new opportunities

2: Potential, planning, choices, contemplation

3: Long-term, foresight, putting things into motion

4: Rewards, celebrate good times (come on!), teamwork, home

5:Competition, conflict, brainstorming

6: Praise, self-confidence, recognition, role model

7: Defense, threat, perseverance

8: Progress, energy, swiftness

9: Perseverance, wounded, guarded

10: Responsibility, burden, stress or success

Page: Adventures, inspiration, ideas, journey, desires

Knight: Risk-taking, experiments, travel, fun, passion

Queen: Creativity, independence, friendly, optimistic, beauty

King: Leader, pride, energy, charisma, passion


Ace: New feelings, awakening, imagination

2: Equality, respect, harmony, sharing

3: Friendship, celebration, fun

4:Withdrawal, indifference, boredom

5: Sadness, mourning, disappointment, regret, suffering

6: Kindness, caring, memories, childhood

7: Fantasy, illusion, creative brainstorming

8: Travel, retreat, spirit quest

9: Contentment, host, wish fulfillment

10:Happy home, shared love, peace, family

Page: Sensitive, gentle, Imaginative, kind

Knight:Romantic, flirt, artist, emotional intensity

Queen: Empathetic, sensitive, emotional, psychic, mother

King: Wise, calm, emotionally mature, father


Ace: Truth, intellect, communication, clarity

2: Standstill, mediator, indecision

3: Loss, sorrow, betrayal

4: Rest, mental restoration, reflection

5: Defeat and self-defeat, irritability, arguments

6: Support, moving, retreat, mental healing

7: Gathering information,mental tests, strategy

8: Helpless thoughts, limiting beliefs, excuses

9: Worry, anxiety, insomnia, repressed thoughts

10: Finished, closure, give up

Page: Curious, student, intellect, thoughtfulness

Knight: Debate, explorer, rushing, revolutionary

Queen: Truthful, self-aware, teacher, intellect

King: Objective, intelligent, assertive, fair, logical


Ace: Healthy beginnings, investing, grounded, opportunity

2: Play, changes, multitasking, adapting

3: Planning, employment, teamwork, assistance

4: Stable, saving, cautious, boundaries

5: Unstable, illness, supportive friends, lack of security

6: Charity, generosity, giving back, assistance

7: Assessment, trial and error, editing, feedback

8: Repetition, precision, commitment, meaningful work

9: Luxury, discipline, earned rewards, fruits of labor

10: Wisdom, home, wealth, legacy, home

Page: New project/job, Student, new studies, cautious

Knight: Loyal, dependable, hard working, practical

Queen: Mother, Fertile, down to earth, nurturing, protective

King:Wealthy, successful, loving father, stubborn, practical

Major Arcana

The Fool: Trust, Beginning, open minded, innocence

The Magician: Will, personal power, intention, resourcefulness

The High Priestess: Inner Wisdom, Meditation, spirituality

The Empress: Mother, creativity, nurturing, sensuality

The Emperor: Power, structure, stability, father

The Hierophant: Responsibility, knowledge, teacher, belief system

The Lovers: Sexuality, union, love, cooperation

The Chariot: Determination, Control, momentum, competence

Strength: Courage, Strength/ inner strength, survival

The Hermit: Guidance, wisdom, perspective, solitude

Wheel of Fortune: Luck, expansion, destiny, change, movement

Justice: Ethics, law, balance, fairness, accountability

The Hanged Man: Release, waiting, surrender, sacrifice

Death: Regeneration, ending, closure, transformation

Temperance: Experimenting, creating, combining, compromise

The Devil: Limitations, attachments, commitment

The Tower: Sudden shock, chaos, destruction, questioning beliefs

The Star: Renewal, peace, optimism, boundlessness

The Moon: The shadow self, dreams, confusion, intuition

The Sun: Playfulness, acceptance, personal growth, enthusiasm

Judgement: Transition, maturing, reviewing

The World: Integration, connection, wholeness, completion, options

Hey guys! It’s been a long time but I’m working on some posts for later. I’m probably am going to work on a reversed version of the cards for next time. Thanks for reading!- Samantha

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