⭐️Strengthen Our Bond Spell Jar


⭐️Strengthen Our Bond⭐️

A couple people asked me to post the spell for the spell jar I made the other day! This is the first spell I’ve posted, so let me know if you need clarification with anything. I’m happy to answer any questions 💖

This spell jar is intended to create a stronger connection with your loved one and protect the connection from weakening.

Note: Any of these ingredients can be substituted, omitted, or things can be added for a more specific intent.

What you’ll need:

A cute jar! *Himalayan Pink Salt - friendship, love and purification *Rose Petals - healing, love and protection *Peppermint Leaves - love, lust and protection (use tea if you don’t have mint leaves on you!) I also used peppermint flowers because they’re so pretty 😊 *Coltsfoot - love and peace *Rose Quartz - friendship, happiness and love *Amethyst - peace and protection *Apple seeds - love, protection and purification. (And fertility if that’s what you’re going for) *Lavender - happiness, love, peace, protection and purification *Jasmine - love Incense - I used strawberry for love (and it smells really good!) but you can use jasmine, rose, or lavender if you’d like! String (pink if you have it!) White and pink candles A funnel for the herbs if you need it!

* - going into the jar

So first I layered all of the ingredients in the order they are listed in the jar. Focus on the correspondence you feel in each item as you place them into the jar.

Then, I sealed the jar with white and pink wax. Practice fire safety when doing this, please! And don’t get wax in your carpet like I did.

Next comes the string - it’s a perfect opportunity to incorporate knot magick if you practice that! Visualize the connection between you and your lover growing tighter and stronger as you pull the knot closed. Giving it a few extra tugs doesn’t hurt!

Finally, I passed the spell jar through my incense and sung a love song. If you’re not comfortable singing, try saying a poem out loud that reminds you of your beloved!

I’m planning to give this jar to my beloved on Valentine’s Day, but you can always give it to yourself for some self-love 💕

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