🍃 Spell for Reassurance 🍃


As someone who suffers from mental health issues, I often need reassurance to help me push forward. This spell combines advice from my doctor on how to heal from past trauma or troubles, and fill yourself with love.

(side note: no spell or magick can replace a doctor. A doctor should be your very first step for any physical or non-physical healing. This spell is only an additional supplement and may not be right for everyone.) 

🍃  Gather  🍃 

✨ Bottle

✨ White Candle (for peace)

✨ Paper & Pen

✨ Obsidian (to dispel negative energy)

✨ Citrine (for healing)

✨ Salt (for protection)

✨ Basil (for love and protection)

✨ Parsley (for Love and Protection)

✨ Rosemary (for healing)

✨ Thyme (for healing)

✨ Turmeric (for purification)

(side note: if you prefer not to use citrine because it is heat treated amethyst that is fine. Amethyst can be substituted in for it’s calming abilities)

🍃  Process 🍃

Begin by grabbing your pen, paper, and obsidian. Hold the obsidian in your hand as you think of a phrase of protection. Mine was, “I am safe, there is no pain here.”

With the obsidian in your hand write the phrase on the paper. Let the energy from your obsidian dispel any negative thought. When your finished roll it into a size that will fit into your bottle.

Prepare your other ingredients. Let each herb touch the citrine. Let them absorb citrine’s healing power.

Layer in your salt, basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, and turmeric into the bottle. Somewhere halfway through place your rolled note into the bottle and let it be covered.

Close your bottle and light a white candle. Gently wave your bottle of the smoke for purification, then use the melted wax to seal your bottle.

🍃 Moving Forward 🍃

Keep the finished spell bottle somewhere you can easily and quickly find it. On it’s own in will fill whatever room or space it’s placed in with positive energy.

Whenever you feel extra anxious or upset grab the bottle and hold it in your hands. Repeat the phrase written inside the bottle, while breathing deeply. Let the phrase and the love from the bottle lift you up.

Repeat as often as needed

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