🌞Solar Candles🌞

Updated: Jun 20, 2019


🌞 Solar Candles 🌞

Bring joy, positive energy at home and burn like crazy! Good for solar plexus chakra 💛

To make those grab some:

🔥 Rest of used orange candle or new natural wask. If you are going to choose used candles from previous spells or rituals make sure to cleanse them unless you want to keep their properties.

🔥A natural cord as a wick

🔥 Essential oils as you like. This can be lemon, orange, mandarin, green tea or tea tree. I used mandarin with green tea.

🔥One lemon and some orange zest for decoration.

Simply melt the wask in a pot slowly so it doesn’t burn, add few drops of essential oils and pour it into a hollow lemon (don’t forget to place a wick in it before). Decorate with orange zest and charge in a morning sunlight! Be careful while making a candle to avoid burns!

I love to make natural candles. Feels so grounding and healing! 🌞🔥🍋

Do you make candles too? Let me know!




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