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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Smoke is used cleansing and purifying, and much more🌫

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🍃 Good day, Witches of Tumblr! 🍃

Not everyone may have the habit of smoking, but smoking has always had a sacred purpose in every culture and many religions. The history of smoking began in shamanistic rituals that took place as early as 4000 bc. It is considered a very social activity and was used as a social tool.

While some may say the smell of smoke is unpleasant, and people don’t want it around them. But did you know you can smoke certain herbs, and actually make a very lovely tasting, and even pleasant smelling, blend? Some herbs are highly medicinal and can give you benefits. Keep reading if you want to know more!

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it is very important you do the proper research to see if you can smoke a certain herb. Also if you start feeling sick after smoking it cease use of it immediately. You may be fine ingesting a certain herb, but you could have an allergy to smoking said herb. Please note that some of these could be poisonous if eaten, we are speaking of smoking only. I also don’t recommend replacing smoking herbs with getting medical treatment if you need assistance. Be very careful if you have health conditions and don’t smoke if you’re pregnant. I am also not trying to persuade you or anyone else to smoke!

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With that said, lets begin to learn what herbs you can smoke and how to put together a herbal smoking blend! Get ready to raid your apothecary!

There are tons of herbs that are smokable. Each herb has its own unique taste and effect, and by mixing them together you can create a perfect blend for your next ritual! Curate special blends for spells and other workings and label them. The possibilities are endless for what you can make. Not only do herbs have magickal properties, but medicinal properties for minor ailments too!

🍃 🌿 So What Herbs Can I Smoke? 🌹 🍃

✨My personal favourite is the taste of Rose 🌹 ✨

I will reveal some properties of herbs you may have already in your apothecary!

🌺 Blue Lotus


Sedative properties, gives a calming euphoria


Opens the root chakra, helps one embrace their true spiritual essence

🌿 Sage


Remedies for colds, Relaxing properties


Used for self purification and healing

🌹 Rose


helps with slow circulation, great for colds, pms, headaches


Divine Love, Strengthens relationships

🍃 Lemonbalm


Sedative and anxiolytic effects


Used for psychic enhancement and spiritual development

💐 Lavender


Relieves stress and anxiety


Brings Love and Protection, Peace and Harmony

🌿 Mullein


Great for the respiratory system


Protection against nightmares and sorcery, and spirits

🌿 Peppermint


Cooling and calming feeling


Increases vibration in spaces, used in spells for healing and purification

🌾 Chamomile


Enhances ability to sleep, reduces tension and anxiety


Removes Hexes, Curses and Spells

🍃 Raspberry Leaves


Lowers blood pressure, muscle relaxant


Bathing in Raspberry leaves for love spells, brings healing and protection

🌿 Catnip


Curbs tobacco cravings, Relaxing properties


Sacred to Bast, Used for love spells

🌸 Pink Lotus Stamens


Sleep aid, euphoric properties


Psychic opening, spiritual development

🍒 Uva Ursi


Diuretic properties, Helps alleviate pain from sprains


Increases intuition and psychic abilities

🌸 Wild Dagga


Mood enhancement, brings mental clairty


Keeps snakes at bay when carried as a charm

🌾 Calea


Calming sensations, mild relaxation


Used for lucid dreaming

🍃🌿 Making A Blend 🌹🍂

Creativity is at the heart of herbalism, so be creative when building a blend!

The Basis of the Blend

1. Base Herbs

2. Supportive Herbs

3.Flavourful Herbs

1. The Base

Your base herb is fluffy and light.

So herbs such as;

🌿 Damania

🌾 Mullein

🍃 Red Raspberry

2. Supportive Herbs

These herbs play a supportive role in your health and offer some type of benefit.

So herbs such as;

🌿 Hops

🌿 Skullcap

🌿 Hyssop

🌿 Horehound

🌿 Thyme

🌸 Passionflower

🌿 Mugwort

These herbs have many health benefits, such as nervous system and respiratory system health.

3. Flavourful Herbs

These herbs will add zest to your smoking blend.

So herbs such as;

🌹 Rose

🌸 Angelica

🍂 Anise

💐 Lavender

🌺 Monarda

🍃 Spearmint

Recipe Example

🍃 2 Tablespoons of Mullein

🌹 1 Tablespoon of Rose

🌾 ½ Tablespoon Chamomile

if you want you could add a bit of Lavender or another •Flavourful Herb• to make it more interesting!

🌹 ━━━✦❘༻ 🌿 ༺❘✦━━━ ━🌹

🍯 Adding honey to your blend can really sweeten it up!🍯

✨ Enchant the herbs before you smoke them, do it ritualistically if you want!✨

✨Use these herbs in your spells to take in the essence of •the elementals•!This will empower you and your magick✨

My personal favourite blend is;

🐝 Beelieve in Love 🐝

🌹 1 Tablespoon Rose

🌾 1 Tablespoon Chamomile

💐 1 Tablespoon Lavender

🍯 ½ Tablespoon Honey

I really hope you found this useful and learned something about smokable herbs, and incorportate it into your craft!

Thank you so much for reading,

and blessed be! 🐝

🌹 ━━━✦❘༻ 🌿 ༺❘✦━━━━🌹

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