🔥Room Healing Spell


🔥 Room Healing Spell 🔥

A spell that can be cast at any moon phase or any time of the day to turn your room into a magick-inducive environment. The perfect spell for baby witches who want to start with spellwork. I created this when I was 12 (2006) and it has been 11 years since then and it’s still effective.

Recommended to Cast During: Any moon phase at any time of the day.

Colors: Black and White


🌿 2 Candles (either white or black)

🌙 An Athame (or any pointed object for engraving a candle)

🌿 A Wand (or any stick that is made from any natural material such as twigs, pencils, wooden chopsticks, selenite crystal, clear quartz wand)

To Cast:

🌿 Light one of the candles.

🌙 Start engraving a protection sigil or any symbolism that you dedicate with strength and protection on the unlit candle.

🌿 Twirl your wand around your engraved candle and say,

“Go away negativity and sway away. Positivity, if you wish to enter, you may.”

🌿 Light the engraved candle and carry it.

🌙 Bring the engraved candle with you and light the four corners of your room moving clockwise (start with north)

🌿 Meditate for 5 minutes after (chakra meditation is recommended or plain floor grounding is alright; that is to lie down completely on the floor)

What To Expect:

🌿 Your room will turn into a much more relaxing environment.

🌙 Negative energy that was collected through time will be diminished.

🌿 Better sleep, better naps, better magick.

🌙 Stronger magick especially for healing and love.

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