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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

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“Love, that is day and night - love, that is sun and moon and stars, Love, that is crimson, sumptuous, sick with perfume, no other words but words of love, no other thought but love.” ~Walt Whitman

If you have a sweetheart, here’s some things you can do to manifest more romance into your life;

💝 Create an amulet or talisman for love re-inforcement to strengthen bonds.

💝 Go for a romantic walk in nature. Find a souvenir such as an acorn, to bring home and display on your altar to remind you of your memories. Pick wildflowers together on your way home.

💝 Have a ritual bath together. enchant bath bombs, add flowers, bubbles and other magick ingredients to adorn your bath.

💝 Give your partner a massage with a scented oil, scan the body using healing crystals to sense energy blockages and remove them.

💝 Enchant an object to give as a gift to your partner. Make it a suprise and see how they react. If you want to, tell them its made up of your magick.

💝 Prepare a romantic candle lit dinner for your partner, infuse magick into the food you eat and the utensils you use.

💝 Bake goodies using ingredients for love such as cinnamon, nutmeg or hazelnut. Practice some Kitchen Witchery together.

💝 Bring lilac into your home to make a partner more gentle and loving. Write a poem or spell for your love and say it aloud, make them gush.

💝 Enchant rose or flower petals to lay on your bed and suprise your partner.

💝 Have a picnic outside in nature or take a moonlit walk on the beach. Making special time for love is most important, and you can connect with nature at the same time.

💘 Love Re-inforcement Spell 💘

If you have an existing relationship, here is a spell to strengthen emotional bonds and refesh the relationship again and bring in the high energy of love. The Greek Goddess Aphrodite inspired me to make this since she helps humans in the realms of love, in a social way.

💕 Red Candle

💕 Red Ribbon

💕 Green Jade or Lemon Jade

💕 Seashells &/or pearls

💕 Orange oil

💕 Pink/Red Incense

1. This is a spell that can be done immediately and can be used in a pinch. Put the sea shells and pearls around your candle. Annoint the candle with your oil.

2. Cast a circle if you wish. Call upon the elements to be present. Call upon the Goddess Aphrodite to help you. Light your incense and candle.

3. Take your red ribbon and rub a bit of oil on it. Take your Jade and wrap the ribbon around it, put a drop of oil on it.

4. Bring it through the incense smoke, visualizing your love and devotion being shared with the ribbon and the jade. “Red ribbon and Jade, our love is reformade.” Drip 3 drops of wax onto it to seal it together.

5. Thank Aphrodite and close the circle. Save this to put in the hand of your partner next time you see them. Give them a kiss, and immediately propose you make a date or social outing.

💘 Beauty-Boost Ritual 💘

If you need a bit of a boost, here is a ritual to increase self-love, condifence and uniqueness and can be used to make one more physically attractive to ones partner. The Egyptian Goddess Hathor inspired me to put this together because using the mirror, when we think positive healing thoughts, we have a chance to change the outer world with what we see in the inner world.

💕 Red or pink candle

💕 Make up or lip gloss

💕 Lavender oil or perfume

💕 A Mirror

💕 Piece of rose quartz

💕 Hibiscus tea (optional)

1. Put on a satin gown, comfy pjays or anything you feel comfortable in. Get yourself a hot hibiscus tea or other beverage of your choosing and sit at a vanity or comfortable place. cast a circle and call the elements if you wish.

2. Light your colored candle next to you and gaze into the mirror. Hold your piece of rose quartz. Call upon the Goddess Hathor, Smile in the mirror at yourself, and radiate a loving energy from your heart. Hathor will help you realize and know for a fact that you are truly beautiful. Think about what feelings you would like your partner to feel when you see them. (happiness, joy, ect.)

3. Think positive affirmations as you apply your choice of make up. Think about what you would like to manifest in your relationship. When you are finished, apply the scented oil or perfume to your pressure points, wear a piece of rose quartz if you can, this makes it more effective. If you like wear jewelry or clothing that you feel amazing in. This will really make you shine from the inside and out. Drink your tea. Thank Hathor and close the circle.

💘 Luscious Lip-Scrub Recipe 💘

Here’s a lip scub recipe you can use to take on the go to sweeten your kiss.

💕 1 tsp honey

💕 2 tsp Brown Sugar

💕 a very tiny bit of red or pink coloring for a lip stain (optional)

💕 2 drops of vanilla or essential oil (read safety label first to ensure its safe, optional)

💕 A small piece of rose quartz or other crystal (optional)

1. Mix ingredients until it is a uniform substance. Choose a jar or container for keeping. Set crystal inside.

2. Apply on lips, either lick off or wash with warm water. After you can apply a lip balm to rehydrate your lips. Now go kiss your partner!

Intended to be used a few times weekly. You can keep it safetly for up to a month. Wash crystal and keep it when you are done with the scrub.

**disclaimer** Love spells can be dangerous, and are considered to be manipulating the free will of others. For Karmic reasons I don’t reccomend trying to perfrom a spell to try force someone to love you.

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