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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Posted by ⚜ The Blessed Bee ⚜

✨"When moon is out, and the energy is high

The time for night witchcraft is nigh"✨

Hey Witches!

Night is a very powerful time. For night owls, it is our time to shine. There are many ways to work your magick at night. Today id like to share that with you so without further ado…

🌙Here is some night magick you can do alone or with your friends! ⭐

✨ Curate your atmosphere ✨

👗 Dress for the occasion. This can range from fancy, to comfy! Even casual clothes are fine! 👚

💍 Adorn yourself with amulets, talismans and crystals for the occasion. 💍

🕯Light candles and turn off the other lights, Use string lights and other things to light up your area.🕯

🌫Burn incense and burn sage to cleanse and create an atmosphere of neutrality and tranquility which is optimal for doing spells.🌫

🎼 Play atmospheric music for the evening. Play some cheery upbeat Celtic or some ambient tones, depending on what mood you are trying to achieve 🎼

🌙Set up a ritual area under the night sky with candles, lamps and all your spell materials. ✨

👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 Gather your friends and family to join you! 👯

✨ Night activities ✨

🔥 Have a bonfire at night. Cast spells using the fire, make smores and other treats. Give your nature offerings to the fire such as left over wood, and dried plant matter.🔥

⭐ Stargaze with friends or your partner. Pull out a telescope if you have one, record your observations and the constellations you see. ⭐

☕ Snuggle up with a hot drink and a Witchcraft book. 📚

🕯Create something witchy. Decorate a candle, make a potion or create a talisman. There are so many things you can make!✨

🛀 Wind down by taking a lovely bath with flower petals, crystals and essential oils.🌸

✨ Cast an intricate spell on your altar and use all your tools. Annoint and cleanse your altar and tools. ✨

🍱 Take your travel altar to your friends house and do a small nightly spell or ritual 👭

🌑 Observe what phase the moon is in and see if it’s visible where you are. 🌕

📅 Do specific spells for the day of the week! Or weather magick. I would call this situational magick! 🌧️

🛠 Work your tools! Season your pestle and mortar, use your tarot cards you haven’t touched and that pendulum that hasn’t seen the moonlight in months! 🌙

📚 Do some work in your Grimoire and make a special entry for the evening. Write about the experience of your day. 📚

🍂 Observe nature outside. What season is it? What insects and animals do I see or hear at this time of night? This is a great form of meditation! 🍂

🌫Cleanse your entire home. This is a very peaceful time to remove negative energy from your space. 🌫

🔮 Practice divination in the dark with only candle light. Gaze into your crystal ball or mirror. There are many ways you can practice divination. 🔮

☠Use a spirit board with proper protection. Have a seance with other Witches you know, the more the merrier when using Ouija or a spirit board.☠

I hope you practice night magick!

How do you do magick when the sun goes down?

Thank you so much for reading,

🐝 Blessed be and Stay Radiant! ✨

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