Published SEP. 8, 2019

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Check out this brand new digital pick a card reading!

Click on the link, Meditate on the Cards and use your intuition to choose a number and your messages will be revealed! Messages are channeled and curated by The Blessed Bee.

I hope you will enjoy your Reading!

Let us know which number you picked down in the comments!

Radiant Readings is a place where you can receive guidance for yourself,  through our Daily Card Pulls, Pick a Cards and more. You can even link up with me personally to receive your own personal reading! We offer colorful and fun readings that will keep you wanting more. I will be looking for Approved Readers for my group, so if you are an experienced Reader and would like to be a Reader at Radiant Readings, please contact me here.

I would love to see all of you there, and you are free to make your own posts, ask questions, or simply share your own readings! We are fairly accepting and will accept spell posts, posts about astrology and more within reason. I'm excited to start becoming more interactive with our Community as a whole, and I would love to have you there with me!

-Mia Bee

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