✨🌸More Thrift Tips for the Modern Witch🌸✨

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Posted by ⚜ The Blessed Bee ⚜

🌸 Discover the magick of thrifted Witch items as the Weather gets warmer! 🌸

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Thrift Tips

for the Modern Witch

· Spring Edition ·

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☽ · Hello, Spring, Hello, Friends! · ☾

This is another installment in the " 🌸 Thrift Tips for the Modern Witch 🌸 " Series! It is well known that a common hobby amongst Witches is thrift shopping! We are very drawn to look there often and we end up coming home with something that excites us, or something that we have a creative vision for.

The act of shopping in a thrift store in itself can be a very fun and thrilling experience, since you never know what you will find.

This Spring, why don't you take a walk down to your local thift shop? You can choose to do it by yourself or with your friends, then you could discuss about the interesting things you find. (yes, even the weird stuff!)

Tons of residual energies live here, and your goal is to make an old object into something useful and practical for your personal craft.

As the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere warms, new life grows and we start to venture outside more. I figured it was the perfect time to talk about this since it is now Spring, which means that it is time for outdoor adventures. What better way would there be to celebrate this awakening by preparing for your future endeavors?

Here are some fun projects you can do with some thrifted finds, just open your mind to the possibilities...

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Jewelry Box Travel Altar

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I found this adorable jewelry box at the thrift store the last time I went hunting. I got really inspired to make it into a jewelry box travel altar!

It has a white/cream exterior with gold roses on the top, and when you open it the interior is red satin, with the same gold roses on the inside as well.

After purchasing I brought it home and wiped it clean (to get rid of any dirt or residue from the store or previous owner) and began to put some things into my travel kit.

Some things that I put inside my Travel Altar Jewelry Box are...

🌸 Sage & Ocote

🌸 Bone Bowl

🌸 A variety of Crystals, My carved hearts especially!

🌸 Tarot Cards & Pouch

🌸 Rune Cards & Pouch

🌸 Herb Vials

🌸 Incense & Resins

🌸 Matches

🌸 Tealights

🌸 Candle Snuffer

🌸 A pen & pieces of tea dyed paper

🌸 Roll on Crystal Perfumes

🌸 Spell/Taper Candles (colored)

🌸 Spell Candle Holder

🌸 Amulets

🌸 Lucky Coins

🌸 Worry Stone

🌸 Crystal Shards & Chips

🌸 Wooden Crystal Grid

🌸 Sunstone Obelisk

🌸 Pendulum & Pouch

🌸 Tree of Life Manifestation Necklace

I was so excited to get this little box since it reminds me of the one I had when I was a little girl, and I would keep all my special keepsakes in there such as the Jasper Amulet that is now in this Jewelry Box.

This was fun to put together, but I know if in the future when I get tired of the way I have it laid out, I could always move stuff to how I see fit. This box will certainly become very handy in the future.

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Hunting for Vials...

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Another thing you may want to potentially look for is Vials for herbs, oils, moon water and more!

Thrift stores often carry many different types of bottles, some are corked but there are many varieties hidden here.

Look at this cute little vial! I made some Rose Quartz Moon Water on the night of the Full Moon in Libra!

Sometimes thrift stores bag items together, and that is where you can score a lot of tiny corked bottles which are perfect for making Moon Waters and Gem Elixirs.

While you don't need to charge Moon Water in a corked vial or bottle for that matter, I think it is a very nice visual touch and it makes me feel Witchy every time I use one.

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Other Things to Search for...

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When you are out on your thrift adventure, try to remain open to all possibilities, because you never know what you will eventually find. Prepare your imagination and be creative to find innovative ways to turn old into new. Try to see the value in everything you see, not for what things are currently but for what it could be. Some examples of things you may want to look out for are...

☽ Seasonal Goods ☾

Thinking of decorating your altar to suit a specific Sabbath? Thrift stores always have seasonal items in, so you are sure to stumble upon something to make your sacred space more festive. Since it's Spring, you can expect to find a lot of Easter stuff around. You could also start early on your search for items for a Beltane Altar (Begins Wednesday, May 1, 2019).

☽ Brooms ☾

On one of my thrift adventures I stumbled across a handmade cinnamon broom still in its packaging. You can find these fairly often if you keep your eyes peeled! You can find straw brooms, sweetgrass, twig brooms and more. By the way, it's good luck to have your bristles pointing towards the ceiling when you display your broom in your home! Every Witch should have a broom, in my opinion.

☽ Candle Holders ☾

There are so many types of candle holders! Chances are theres tons of those along with candles, you may get lucky and find some "Witchy" ones. Picture the objects in your home surrounded by the other objects you already own and decide if it suits your space.

☽ Corked Bottles & Vials ☾

Like I mentioned above, you can find great bottles and vials for your craft! You are sure to find something that suits your needs and aesthetic. Just keep your eyes peeled

☽ Books ☾

I found all my Judy Hall books at the thrift store in brand new condition! Not only can you score some pretty amazing reads at thrift stores, but you can find some gorgeous books to stack up on your altar for a Witchy vibe. This can be a very easy but effective way of decorating and creating some height in an altar space.

☽ Religious Relics ☾

I scored a pretty awesome Egyptian candle holder of Osiris, Anubis and Set, one time. Sometimes you can get lucky and find Buddhas, Egyptian Statues, or Animal Totems. I managed to find a lot of Egyptian Candle Holders at a couple different stores in my town.

☽ Fake Flowers/Flower Pots ☾

Have trouble keeping houseplants? No problem! Bring some bright flowers and greenery indoors by simply purchasing a fake flower arrangement from the thrift store! There is no shame at all in that! Maybe you'll find some beautiful fake petals to decorate your altar with. Remember you can always use real flowers!

☽ Cauldrons/Burn Pots ☾

Some of you may not know that Cauldrons come in many different shapes and sizes. They don't always have to be huge, or cast iron for that matter. You may be surprised that you would find the perfect cauldron at a thrift store! As long as it is suitable to burn things inside, it doesn't matter what the objects' purpose was in the past.

☽ Jewelry Boxes/Cabinets ☾

Previously I mentioned in my previous post that I found the perfect box to turn into my Apothecary Cabinet, but I also found a second one to keep some of my pendulums and crystals in. You can decide how to lay out your cabinets, but I found these were perfect uses for the ones I found. The cabinet was missing one knob, but I still liked this piece regardless and knew that I could always fix it later on. Just because something is imperfect doesn't mean it isn't usable!

☽ Witchy Jewelry/Amulets ☾

Always keep on a eye out for crystal jewelry, amulets or any pieces that suit your aesthetic. Perhaps you may find a mysterious looking brooch, you wonder if it would make a suitable amulet...It would!

Other suitable items...

🌸 Outdoor Objects

🌸 Trunks

🌸 Desks

🌸 Teacups/Tea Sets

🌸 Ouija Boards

🌸 Windchimes

🌸 Light Catchers

🌸 Empty Journals

🌸 Leather Satchels

🌸 Statues of Mythical Creatures

🌸 Wax Burners

🌸 Antlers & Animal Skulls

🌸 Fairy Lights

🌸 Vintage Dishware

🌸 Glass Bottles

🌸 Seashells

🌸 Hourglasses

🌸 Artwork

🌸 Bells

🌸 Salt Lamps

🌸 Incense Holders

🌸 Witches' Spoons

🌸 Candle Snuffers

🌸 Lanterns

🌸 Crystals

🌸 Capes & Gowns

🌸 Tea Cups

🌸 Altar Cloths

🌸 Altar Tables

🌸 Sun Dials

🌸 Clocks

🌸 Mirrors

🌸 Records & Record Players