🌈🌟Metaphysical Color Meanings


🌈🌟Metaphysical Color Meanings🌟🌈

Colors are one of THE MOST under appreciated aspects in both the physical and metaphysical realm. We’re surrounded by colors, yet we choose to ignore their meanings and uses in both magickal work (spells, rituals, etc.) and even in every day life. You can use colors to promote the qualities you wish to emphasize; use them in your surroundings if you wish to emphasize permanently, or wear a certain color to emphasize those qualities in a certain situation. Here are some basic colors, and if you have any more, please feel free to add on!! 🌈



Symbolizes: energy, passion, strength, courage, creativity, warmth, security, lust

In Aura: signifies materialism, materialistic ambition, a focus on sensual pleasures, quick temper


-(healing) use red to bring out warmth and burn out disease

-spells related to lust, strength, courage, and in curses

-wear red to increase strength, courage, and efficiency in spell work




Symbolizes: creativity, Creativity, self-expression, intellectual matters, overcoming addiction, legal matters/justice, joy, business success, ambition, vitality, fun, action, opportunity, celebration, investments

In Aura: signifies thoughtfulness and creativity.


-(healing) may increase immunity and sexual energy

-great in adaptability spells to sudden changes and encouragement power

-wear the color orange to promote creativity, ambition, and possible success in a business setting



Symbolizes: understanding, luck, inner strength, self-realization, intuition

In Aura: represents service to others


-It is the most powerful healing color, but so powerful that many are not able to stand it initially and must be conditioned to it via other colors

-used in spells for success, finances, good fortune, ambition, and health

-used often in divination

-wear gold to promote your inner-strength and intuition




Symbolizes: intellect, inspiration, imagination, knowledge, confidence, joy, comfort

In Aura: signifies intellectual development, for either material or spiritual ends


-(healing) promote clarity of thought




-overall happiness

-wear yellow to maintain joy, comfort, and relaxation. Also wear when studying to help absorb information a bit better!



Symbolizes: luck, wealth, fertility, ambition, prosperity, vitality

In Aura: signifies balance, peace and often indicates ability as a healer


-good in all healing situations

-spells for wealth, luck, fertility, and confidence

-wear green to increase luck, wealth, fertility, abundance, and ambition



Symbolizes: tranquility, health, patience, peace, truth, wisdom, protection

In Aura: indicates serenity, contentment and spiritual development


-(healing) blue is used for cooling and calming, both physically and mentally

-spells for peace, binding, health, and patience

-enhance psychic ability

-peace in the home

-wear blue to maintain good health, peace, and tranquility!



Symbolizes: spirituality, wisdom, power, spirit, devotion, idealism

In Aura: signifies higher spiritual development and power


-(healing) purple is used for mental disorders and also for becoming one with Spirit

-often used in divination

-enhancing nurturing qualities

-balancing sensitivity

-wear purple when practicing divination, studying, or when working with spirits to aid in efficiency!



Symbolizes: emotion, fluidity, insight, expressiveness, psychic ability

In Aura: signifies a seeker, often of spiritual truth


-(healing) use indigo for relaxation, reassurance and promoting psychism


-clarity of purpose

-spiritual healing


-wear indigo while meditating to promote relaxation and insight, and it can be helpful when practicing psychic magick!



Symbolizes: spiritual healing, love, friendship, emotion, companionship, affection

In Aura: signifies balance between the spiritual and the material



-spiritual awakening


-children’s magick


-love-related spells

-friendship-related spells

-maintaining level headed emotions

-wear pink to aid in love spells (preferably a self love spell, because free will is BIG. IMPORTANT.), to keep your cool, and to help you bond with friends. Also good to help you recharge after feeling drained!



Symbolizes: purity, healing, purification, peace, innocence, illumination, truth

In Aura: signifies a high level of attainment, a higher level soul incarnate to help others


-it is a good general healing color for the removal of pain and suffering



-establishing order

-spiritual growth




-wear white to keep energies pure and protected, and to aid in divination!



Symbolizes: wisdom, psychic ability, intelligence, memory

In Aura: abundance in a physical and spiritual sense


-spiritual development

-psychic development


-warding off negativity

-wear silver to enhance your development and during tests and studying to enhance your memory!



Symbolizes: stability, contemplation, neutrality, reserve

In Aura: symbolic of a very simple person


-complex decisions

-bonding negative influences

-reaching compromise

-wear grey to remove negative influences!



Symbolizes: protection, retribution, mystery, force, stability, dignity

In Aura: signifies some kind of blockage or something being hidden



-repelling Black magick

-banishing negativity

-defense spells

-protect from evil

-wearing a black sweater (or any article of clothing) can help protect from negativity and promote deep meditation!



Symbolizes: practicality, material success, concentration, study, grounding, strength, solidity, endurance

In Aura: indicates “down to earth-ness” and common sense


-animal/pet magick

-earth magick


-material goods


-locating lost objects

-earth element



-animal companionship

-wear brown to promote concentration and stability/balance, as well as when working with animal magick to gain companionship with said animal!



I hope this helped some of you, and blessed be! 🌈🌟

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