March Moon Info


March 6th New Moon in Pisces

Use the new moon to work on divination, banishing, curses, looking inwards and soul searching. A new moon in Pisces is a great time to start new projects, especially creative endeavors. This is also a good time to decide to start planning any full moon rituals you may want to do. Break down what you want to get accomplished and make a plan so you can feel totally prepared when the full moon comes.

March 14th First Quarter Moon in Gemini

The first quarter moon is a time for creativity, motivation, and growing. This is the time that any goals you have should be worked on to really get you’re project off the ground. Use the quarter moon to spend a good chunk of time working on any project or goal you may have (Long writing/art session, study marathon, cleaning marathon). Quarter moon in Gemini can be used to help ground us. Take this time to meditate, write things down, and look at what needs to be done but also acknowledge what you have already accomplished.

March 21 Full Worm Moon in Libra

The March full moon is called the Worm Moon because of the earth worms that emerge from the ground during the rainy season. It’s also known as the Storm moon, so all my storm/weather witches I feel like this is your time haha. The Worm moon is a good time to perform time-intensive rituals, rituals that involve planning, preparation (have you noticed a pattern for this month?) and for prosperity and healing. A full moon in Libra is a moon for seeking balance. It’s also a time to look at our current situation and see what is and what is not working for us. It’s about to be spring, the time when we all gain back our energy and the world starts to pick up again, so we should use this full moon to see what Sparks Joy (to quote Marie Kondo) and what could be gotten rid of.

March 28th Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn

On the full moon we focused on preparation and looking at what we need to let go of in our lives. The last quarter moon is the time to commit to those plans. A last quarter moon is the time for breaking the bonds with things that no longer serve us. Breaking bad habits, breaking curses, and letting go of things rules this moon phase. A last quarter in Capricorn can bring with it doubt, in both yourself and your plans. You may feel insecure and seek validation from others. Don’t let it get to you. Putting change in motion can be scary, but you have to remind yourself of the good that will come out of this change. Spells and rituals for instilling strength and confidence would probably be helpful during this time.

Have a happy March everyone!

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