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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

💎 Lemurian Seed : Gateway To The Past 💎

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Do you want to unlock secrets of your past, or who you have been in a past life?

Do you want to heal old wounds, unlock hidden abilities and ancient knowledge?

These highly energetic crystals can do just that.

✨ About Lemurian Seed ✨

Lemurian Seed, known as the Master Quartz Crystal, started mysteriously appearing in the region of Brazil after the year 2000, attracting star seeds and light workers like magnets. They were put here with the purpose of educating humanity on its origins and to remind us of the true feeling of unconditional love, cosmic oneness, as well as creating a bridge between our current life and our past. These crystals also started popping up in other places all around the world, and come in many varieties. These crystals were seeded by an advanced civilization, known as the Lemurians, in order to educate us today and remind us of who we are and our cosmic origins.

Lemuria is said to be a sunken land located in either the Pacific or Indian Ocean, where an advanced civilization was said to reside. Many believe it was a former land bridge, and is rumored to be even more ancient than Atlantis. Sunken continents like Zealandia, Mauritia and the Kerguelen Plateau in the Indian Ocean exist, but there is no known geological formation under the Indian or Pacific Oceans that could have served as a land bridge between continents.

The continent may have sank beneath the ocean as a result of a cataclysmic pole shift, or geological event, which theorists anticipate will destroy and transform the modern world in the future. According to a theory of plate tectonics, Madagascar and India were indeed, once shared the same landmass at some point in history, making the existence of Lemuria very likely. This ancient group of people left these crystals for humans to discover in time for The Age of Aquarius, where humanity will have a huge shift in conciousness.

These crystals have marks or striations (horizontal lines) on every other side of the crystal, the remaining sides have a smooth texture. So three of the six sides may be striated, and the other three, may be smooth. Many Lemurian types have emerged and it is generally accepted that there may be any number of sides that are striated, making it a Lemurian Seed crystal.

Many crystals are portrayed as being Lemurian do not have any striations at all – Which in the absense of any markings indicates it is not Lemurian seed.

It is highly argued that with having the key striation faces or sides removed, it accidentally rids of most of the Lemurian knowledge programmed into the crystals.

These crystals should not be cleansed as they are pure, provide plenty of amplifying energy and contain ancient knowledge. Cleansing or polishing the crystal may strip it of its knowledge. It recycles and clears energy by itself, so it doesn’t need to be cleansed.

✨ Properties ✨

Energy: Yin (Dark, Female)

Chakra: All Chakras (Very Balancing/Stabalizing)

Crystal System: Trigonal

Composition: Silicon Dioxide

Astrological Sign: All-Signs, but closely relates to Gemini’s.

✨ Helps With: ✨

Physical: Memory, Pain, Pineal gland, Thyroid, Vertigo, AIDS/HIV, Burns, Heartburn, Immune-System, Kidneys.

Emotional: Emotional-Balance, Emotional-Healing, Friendship, Harmony, Joy, Peacefulness, Perseverance, Stabilize Emotions, Stress/Tension, Acceptance.

Spiritual: Affirmations, Statements, Amplifies Healing/Prayers/Wishes, Ancient Wisdom, Attracts Angels, Accesses Higher Consciousness/Self, Higher Realms, Humility, Increase Consciousness, Inner-Child, Oneness, Receptivity to Spirit Guides, Past Life Recollection, Removes Energy Blockages, Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Guidance, Unity.

✨ Variations ✨

💎 Blades of Light, are Clear Lemurian Seed crystals which bring balance to the spiritual and emotional bodies, while helping one focus on creative and innovative solutions to any problems. The crystals are so clear looking they are often compared to the water of a fresh water spring. Increases clairty in intuition and psychic abilities.

🌋 Smoky Quartz Lemurian Seed crystals help to ground their extremely high vibration into the mind, body and soul. Comes in grey, brown and black variations. Powerful for breaking bad habits, detoxification and clearing blockages.

🍋 Lemon Lemurian, The rare Citrine Quartz variations have a focus on raising self esteem, and modifying DNA to handle living in the technical age. Comes in yellows, greens and even orange. Carries vibrant healing energies that stimulate the solar plexus. Increases self-esteem, happiness and vitality.

🔥 Pink, Mauve and Blood Red Lemurian Seed crystals contain traces of Hematite. They help us maintain our connection with our Mother Earth, our Earth Mother while focusing and grounding our creative energies It boosts our physical energy to get on with life missions and projects. Especially endeavors that contribute to the betterment of humanity as a whole. Hematite can also produce golden-orange hues as well. Radiates very loving vibes.

💛 Golden Healers are true “ascension stones”, raising the vibrational frequency of the whole chakra system and promoting a higher energy signature throughout body, mind and even the aura. Some Golden Healers have coating of iron oxide on the surface of the crystal which imparts the characteristic color, ranging from yellow to brownish yellow. Occasionally the iron oxide and Hematite suffuses the entire crystal with a golden glow. Golden healer crystals that are completely infused with a beautiful golden color are much more rare and energetically powerful.

✨ Uses & How To Use ✨

These crystals are very advanced and have a focus on high technology, DNA, psychic abilities and social engineering. These master healers assist in helping one get in touch with ones intuition and use it to their fullest ability. The striations represent significant timelines in the history of human development. Think about how our current technology has moved from phonograph records, to tapes and video cassettes, to CD Disks, to downloadable music that can be sent and shared mobilly. Each one of these advancements or steps could be viewed as a singular striated line on the crystal.

Run your fingers over the striations, this will connect you with timeline events that each crystal has been programmed with. The crystal will impart its knowledge to you using this technique. As these crystals have a strong focus on intuition, it is completely natural and absolutely encouraged that you use intuition in finding the best way to unlock or read this vast library of “crystal information”. Use your nail to feel each individual striation, hold the crystal in different ways to find the key.

Meditate and Sleep with Lemurian seed. It can give you the ability to have prophetic dreams, past life recall and access to the Akasha. People have begun to unlock the secret ancient knowledge contained within these crystals.

There are many possibilities and uses for this crystal as it amplifies any energies, but it all depends which trace elements are found in each particular crystal. Colors often hint at trace elements.

They are great for shamanic healing talismans and is excellent paired with Labradoriteor even Selenite. The they make for very dreamy combinations, that provides vast amounts of protection and an abundance of energy. This can also give you the ability to travel between different worlds when asleep, or allow you to fully connect with Lunar energies.

Personally I own a few varieties of Lemurian Seed. I have a huge piece of Lemon Lemurian seed which contains Blades of Light. I also have golden healers with spots of orange and red. I wear a Lemurian Golden Healer with Labradorite beads as a shamanic talisman. I wear this for healing power, psychic protection, and for producing vivid dreams. It is wrapped in copper to conduct energy from the heart. The energy I feel from these crystals is so baffling. I have never felt this much energy come off a crystal before!

I highly reccomend these crystals to anyone, but especially Lightworkers and Star Seeds!


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