🌹“La Vie en Rose” Hot Chocolate Potion Spell☕

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Post made by ORRICULUM

a potion to surround you with love from others and yourself.

“Nights of love to never end // A great happiness that takes its place Troubles, sorrows, fade away // Happy, happy to die When he takes me in his arms // He whispers to me, I see life in p i n k.”

🌹 gather: cup and saucer, rose petals, cloves, cinnamon ginger, rose tea leaves, and rose quartz.

🌹 prepare a cup and saucer, draw a pentagram on the saucer

🌹 place a pink petal at each corner of the pentagram

🌹 prepare a cup of hot chocolate

🌹 create a sigil for ‘rose’ on your palm, where you will place a pinch of cloves, cinnamon and ginger, before brushing into the cup

🌹 add a spoonful of rose tea leaves, stir in and let steep

🌹 charge the rim of the cup with rose quartz, enjoy the potion

🌹 video here for visual learners 

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