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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Posted by ⚜ The Blessed Bee ⚜

As a Witch, it is very important to be familiar with the elements and things that correspond with them. The following is a list of the correspondences for each element, which will aid you as a quick glance guide.

I have put together a list of correspondences, featuring the 5 basic elements, as well as alchemical elements. One day you will be a pro and will remember these with ease. Witchcraft is a journey not a race so make sure to take the time to learn, and take advantage of resources like this!

🌬️S P I R I T💫

•Direction: Center

•Colour: White, Lavender, Indigo

•Materials: Light Sources, bones and teeth

•Provides: Transformation, Oneness

•Beings: Snakes, Spiders, Spirits

•Crystals: Celestite, Amethyst

•Tool: Drum, Cauldron, Crystal Ball

🍃 E A R T H 🌾

•Direction: North

•Colour: Brown, Black, Green

•Materials: Dirt, Leaves, Wood, Rocks

•Provides: Wealth, Grounding

Beings: Ox, Centaur, Faerie

•Crystals: Fossil Leaves, Emerald

•Tool: Pentacle, Rock, Hammer

☁️ A I R 💨

•Direction: East

•Colour: Light yellow, Sky Blue, White

•Materials: Feathers, Bells, Flutes

•Provides: New Starts, New Ideas

•Beings: Gryphon, Pegasus, Eagle

•Crystals: Fluorite, Pumice

•Tools: Wand, Broom, Athame

🔥 F I R E 💥

•Direction: South

•Colour: Red, Gold, Orange

•Materials: Flames and Sparks

•Provides: Unity, Loyalty

•Beings: Dragon, Salamander, Lion

•Crystals: Carnelian, Ruby

•Tools: Sword, Candle, Staff

🌊 W A T E R 💦

•Direction: West

•Colour: Turquoise, Sea Green, Azure

•Materials: Shells, Ocean/Lake Water

•Provides: Experience, Enjoyment

•Beings: Fish, Merfolk, Dolphin

•Crystals: Aquamarine, Pearl

•Tools: Chalice, Bowl, Sickle

☁️ C O L D ❄️

•Direction: North East

•Colour: Snow White, Cyan, Silver

•Materials: Snow, Frost, Ice

•Provides: Rest, Bravery

•Beings: Polar Bear, Artic Fox, Hare

•Crystals: Snow Quartz, Rose Quartz

•Tools: Freezer, Ice pick, Arrow

☀️ D R Y N E S S 🦂

•Direction: South East

•Colour: Yellow, Beige, Brown

•Materials: Sand, Limestone

•Provides: Desired Results, Safety

•Beings: Sphinx, Scorpion, Fox

•Crystals: Cobalt, Citrine

•Tools: Scourge, Looking glass, Ankh

🌫️ M O I S T U R E ☔

•Direction: North West

•Colour: Grey, Olive Green, Navy

•Materials: Rainwater, Condensation

•Provides: Reflection, Stability

•Beings: Toad, Otter, Snail

•Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite

•Tools: Sponge, Damp Cloth, Pipette

🔥 H E A T 🌡️

•Direction: South West

•Colour: Burgundy, Orange, Gold

•Materials: Electricity, Ashes, Coals

•Provides: Evolution, Change

•Beings: Phoenix, Tiger, Coyote

•Crystals: Garnet, Tigers Eye

•Tools: Lamp, Censer, Thurible

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