Ideas for Bullet Journal Tarot Spreads

Hey Witches!

Lately I noticed that a lot of tarot readers love to make Tarot Spreads in their bullet journals and I thought I would share some examples with you to spark your creative inspiration!

Posted by artwitchpath "My friend gave me a tarot reading based on a spread by @delphidivination. It really resonates with some of my current struggles so I created this little spread in my art journal. I included the card positions, the questions asked, and the meanings of the cards drawn. I also added the tag from the tea I was drinking as I felt it matched the mood."

I love the scrap book look, or the look of layered papers or textures on a page. Using different writing styles can really transform the look and feel of a spread layout.

❝i'm trying out the 'my year in pixels' bujo spread and i'm going to try v hard that all my days are coloured with positive emotions :))❞

Using black ink pens is always a great way to go. Try doing simple drawings using shading or crosshatching techniques. It gives a very sophisticated look, yet it takes minimal artistic effort.

This is Pearl2583's awesome journal for her oracle cards! I really admire the handwriting and the way she utilized the page space. Plus her spread is very complementary to the card itself which I find is a very nice aesthetic touch.

These are just some examples of some amazing but simple bullet journals for your card readings. I intend on sharing more of these ideas for inspiration in the future! These journals are so awesome, I think I'm going to get started on one right now!

Have a blessed day!

~The Blessed Bee

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