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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

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🍂Fantastic Familiars🍂

A Guide To Animal Magick


Today I wanted to talk about a very magickal subject, that of which is our Familiars. Witches of all kinds have different Familiars, and they are very dear to us. Our magickal companions help us with our workings and are always there to offer support, unless they're feeling lazy of course.


Types of Familiars


There are many different types of familiars, too many to list. Here are a few examples of Familiars which are the most common.


Loyal and faithful, these guardians may help you find lost objects and special herbs and flowers through their sense of smell. They offer protection in the material and spiritual world. Also, very good at making food vanish.


These sneaky Familiars have night vision and are able to see energy. Very helpful with spirit work, and any type of energy work. They are very good at helping you stay on your toes, to not forget an important spell ingredient.


Very useful for aquatic discoveries, Fish make great Familiars when magick is done before them. Watch their swimming patterns to learn their language.


Although they have limited intelligence, they can be useful when you need a straight one word answer. Sometimes they want you to bribe them with bread. (Don't do it)


Tiny enough to take everywhere on any magickal endavour. Taking over marshes everywhere, they are very wise, patient creatures. They show you the way to valuable materials by hopping in their direction.


If you are lucky enough to have an owl as a Familiar, you will see how wise and wonderful these creatures are. These beings are very intelligent, and will help reveal secrets and valuable information when they know you're ready.


Insects such as Moths and Butterflies are very good Familiars indeed, although I don't recommend trapping them. They choose a gentle practitioner, who they will come to on their own. Don't go trapping dragonflies and bees now!


You may also have a spirit as a companion. This may be the spirit of a person but is not limited to that. It can be a Gnome, a Sprite, an Elf, you name it. Unicorns make very great Familiars if one were to meet one.


Giving a Magickal Name


Just like us, Familiars are meant to have a magickal name. A lot of times these names are kept secret, to protect one from the wrath of a sorcerer. It is up to the practitioner to give an appropriate name. They don't have to rhyme but it should be something no one can guess.

Some examples of some names are...

Lillen Loitersacke

Fossil Fan

Grey-Haired Grenne


Wilbur Woofits

Gilly Giglet

Cane Condiddle

Shin Shinnicked

Primrose Primpit

✨Naming Spell✨

Sit near your Familiar when you are alone and light a brown candle.

"A secret like a hidden flame,

I grant you a new name,

hidden under lock and key,

No one will know but me,

Paw in hand,

I make this spell,

A secret that I'll never tell,

Your name is _______!"

Blow them a kiss and then blow out your candle. You have officially given them their magickal name.


Working With Familiars


First and foremost you should make sure they have everything they need from food and water to a place in the den to sleep.

Once this is done, you can start to work with them by stroking them and asking specific questions.

Your Familiar will be by your side when you do any working. A loyal familiar will be present when they sense it's time for a spell. You may give them treats when they help you, but try not to scold them when they knock things over. They are just trying to help, you know. They can't help it if they are a bit clumsy.

Familiars can do a good job of keeping you sharp and on top of things when you are doing workings. They may even help you see things from a new perspective or even help come up with new ways of doing things.

Reward your Familiar with Catnip, a bone or anything else they would enjoy. The stronger the bond they feel towards you, the better they are able to perform magick with you.

Realizing that each Familiar has their own unique talents and qualities can help you better understand them.

Understand also, for the hard working Witch, that they need their rest too. Make sure to let them have down time from your witchy ways.


Communicating With Familiars


Some say there are no viable ways of communicating with an animal. This simply isn't true!

You can communicate with your Familiars by watching and reading their body language and footing. Start by asking questions to them such as;

Which wand should I utilize?

Could I mix quicksilver and antimony and produce gold?

Should I dig for crystals here?

Is this robe appropriate?

Would this make a good talisman?

Will it rain the day after tomorrow?


Walking around the room clockwise means YES!

Walking counterclockwise means NO!

Walking in a straight line back and forth means MAYBE or I DON'T KNOW!

Disappearing for a long time means DON'T ASK RIDICULOUS QUESTIONS ...

Meowing/Barking at the door means LET ME IN!

Sleeping means LEAVE ME ALONE!

Sometimes it can take hours, days, weeks or even months to get your answer. Just be patient and continue to work and care for your Familiar.

They will reward you with their unique talents and abilities, and will be the greatest help for any magickal endeavour.

✨Thanks so much for reading,

and blessed be! 🐝



Images are from Wizardology by Master Merlin from CandleWick Press

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