✨Glitter to Gold Spell✨

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

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CAUTION: Powerful

You don't need a Genie for this spell


✨Glitter to Gold Spell✨


Summer is is coming, your toes will be in the sand and you are on the hunt for treasure. Pyrite can be found on the shores of beaches and in the waters.

Pyrite is Fools Gold? I think not.

Use your prosperous Pyrite to conjure a very powerful money spell.

You'll be amazed how quick it works.

This spell is designed to attract money and possessions into your life in a hurry by charming lucky coins with pyrite and the power of a Magick lamp.


Gather Materials


✨Cleansing Herb like Sage✨

✨A Bell✨

✨Orange Candle✨

✨Dark Green Candle✨


✨Sandalwood Everything (incense, oil, pouches etc)✨

✨A Card that represents Money✨


✨Magick Lamp✨

Modify the spell to your needs!


Spell Process


💫Cast a Magick circle by using a wand, athame or other tool and physically draw a circle around you🗡

🌿Burn your cleansing herb in your sacred space to get rid of negative and stagnant energy🔥

⚱Anoint yourself with oil, preferably sandalwood✨

🛎Use the bell and call upon Pranxtor, the elemental of fire to quicken the spell. If you don't have a bell draw the seal of Pranxtor. 🔥

🎴Lay your card down next to your incense or lamp🌫

🔅🎴🔅Place 2 coins down, one on each parallel side of the card

💎Place pyrite around the edges of the card, or if you only have one place it at the top✨

🌫Light your incense. Light your candles one by one repeating the following incantation👄:

✨"Sand in my sandals,

I light Incense and candles"✨

💎🔅Wish for money and prosperity, and beginning from the top of the card, hold each piece of pyrite and coin, put your hand in the smoke one by one and repeat the following incantation🌫:

✨"A fools Gold,

Is ones money to hold"✨

🕯Drip a drop of each shade of wax onto the coins🔅🔅

💭As they dry, Rub the Magick lamp and think of your intent. Do you wish to own the riches of a Sultan?💰

🌫If you can, wave the incense over the area, saturating it with smoke. Finish the spell with the following incantation:🌫

✨"The Gold will be mine

In the nick of time"✨

🛎Ring the bell and Thank Pranxtor.🔥

🕯Blow out the candles rapidly💨

💫Close the circle, time for magical cleanup!✨

🔅💰Keep the pyrite and coins in a pouch preferably with sandalwood. This will continuously attract money and possessions to you💸

💰Allow the prosperity to come with fiery energy!💰

💸I hope you try this for yourself!💸

Edit: Spell is great to do with friends! Just use double the materials!

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