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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

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🍂 Writing your own spells can be a major challenge. You might be questioning if you are doing it right or if what you came up with is gibberish. You may even have writers block. Never fear! I would like to share a spell formula with you!

Spells are very theatrical and are meant to be acted out. Every theatre piece has a script, the same goes for spells. Let's look into how you can put yours together...


⚡️ ✨ A Simple Spell Writing Guide ✨ ⚡️

✨1: Choose what KIND of spell you wish to perform✨

🔮 Enchantment 🔮

(To put something or someone under a spell)

🔮 Charm 🔮

(Adds magick properties to a creature or objects)

🔮 Ritual 🔮

(For a Sabbat, Esbat or Event)

🔮 Glamour 🔮

(Beauty charm that makes someone more attractive)

🔮 Healing Spell 🔮

(Heals a creature or plant. Can be emotional or physical)

🔮 Protection Spell 🔮

(To shield or form a barrier to protect a creature or object)

🔮 Counter-Spell 🔮

(To undo a spell that has been cast upon you or make it bounce back to the sender)

🔮 Illumination 🔮

(To tell the future or receive enlightened information)

🔮 Curse 🔮

(Inflicts punishment or misfortune upon someone or an object)

🔮 Hex 🔮

(Spites a target which upsets physical and immaterial forces)

🔮 Jinx 🔮

(To give someone or something bad luck or misfortune)

Find out what each type of spell entails. There are many more types of spells than the ones listed here. Plus there are still spell types to be created, so don't be afraid to do something different than everyone else. Make sure to set an intention and make sure your your thoughts and actions are in line with it.

✨2. Choose Spirits or Energies To Work With...

You can work with:

🔮 The Elementals 🔮

(Jaypes, Pranxtor ect)

🔮 Deities 🔮

(Aphrodite, Bastet ect.)

🔮 Angels 🔮

(Raphael, Michael ect)

🔮 Ancestors 🔮

(Family Members, Guardians ect)

🔮 Invisible Creatures 🔮

(Fae, Merfolk ect)

🔮 Demons 🔮

(if you dare)

As long as you are respectful and protect yourself you can invoke spirits to help with your spell. Please make sure you properly know how to protect yourself before attempting this, though!

✨3: Choose Actions✨

🔮 Wash it away 🔮

(Take a paper with words written on it, bring out in the Rain and watch it disappear)

🔮 Burn It 🔮

(Write your fears and failures down and burn them away)

🔮 Meditate On It 🔮

(Write down a word or virtue and meditate on it)

🔮 Rip It Up 🔮

(Write down a name of someone you want to sever ties with and rip it up )

These are just a a few examples of what you can do with a piece of paper. Choose actions that are related to the type of spell you are trying to perform. Use what tools and materials you will need to perform the desired actions. Include circle casting, grounding, centering, ect or any other actions related to magick. Draw symbols, sigils and runes for your spell.

✨4: Choose ingredients and tools✨

🔮 Herbs 🔮

(Correspond Properties and Uses)

🔮 Candles 🔮

(Correspond Colours)

🔮 Bells 🔮

(Correspond Tools With Uses)

🔮 Feathers 🔮

(Correspond Types and Colours)

🔮 Ribbons 🔮

(Correspond Colours and Images)

🔮 Crystals 🔮

(Correspond Properties and Colours)

🔮 Incense 🔮

(Correspond Scent and Colours)

🔮 Oils 🔮

(Correspond Scent and Colours)

When choosing materials for spells try to find things that correspond with your intention. You can go down to the details and wear make up, clothing and jewelry specifically for the spell. Use an altar cloth that has colours that relates to your spell!

✨5: Add A Creative Element✨

🔮 Draw or paint 🔮

(Sigils, Runes, Pictures ect)

🔮 Sing 🔮

(Sing Incantations or Songs)

🔮 Dance 🔮

(Ceremonial, traditional or Just for fun)

🔮 Gestures 🔮

(Perform certain movements gracefully, jaggedly or any other way you see fit)

Use your creative energy talents in your spells since this energy is very powerful! Magick also works through vibration so singing or humming is a great addition to even the simplest of spells.

✨6: Choose The Timing ✨

🔮 Planetary Alignment 🔮

(Venus, Mars ect)

🔮 Specific Feelings 🔮

(When you feel down or need a boost)

🔮 Specific Weather🔮

(Storm magick, Sun showers ect)

Choose when to do the spell. Is it situational? Is it for a specific phase of the moon? An astrological position or a special occasion? You can choose when it is appropriate for this spell to be performed, or specify a time and place.

✨7: Create A Verbal Incantation

🔮 Use Multiple Languages 🔮

(Use English, Latin, or foreign languages)

🔮 Creative Adjectives 🔮

(Use descriptive language that relates to your spell)

🔮 Empowering Tone 🔮

(Use different expressions and vocal tones to convey emotion)

🔮 Plays On Words 🔮

(Puns, words that sound alike ect)

You can choose if you want to say anything verbally during your spell. It can be along poem to a singular word. Add whatever emphasis you feel is needed.

✨8: Observations✨

🔮Pay Attention🔮

(To changes in your life)

🔮Acknowledge Feelings 🔮

(Keep track of your emotions)

🔮Work On It🔮

(Other things you can do to give you desired results)

🔮 Document It 🔮

(Write and store observations you find)

Take time to think about whether you want to include observing later results of your spell, or writing them down in a journal.


I really hope this guide was helpful because I know how challenging it can be to be original and creative when writing spells. You can save this and use this formula as a tool for later when you write your own.

✨Thanks so much for reading!✨

🌸Blessed be! 🐝

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