🔥 Flying Devil’s Oil 🔥

Posted by FOXSEIDR (Deactivated Tumblr)

Flying devil’s oil is a quite handy friend. I find it to be my favorite go to for quick results in dire situations.

So How can you use this?

This oil is perfect for anointing objects, sigils, candles and using alongside protection, binding and cursing/hexing spell-work. Also can be used with Poppets and Talismans (That are not worn on skin.)

Little fact

The devil’s flying oil gets its name from the flakes that fly around the bottle. Its origins creator is unknown but it has been around for ages and came forth traditionally in New Orleans.

Warning -

This is not gentle friendly and may cause irritant to skin. Please use carefully.

Here’s my simple twist on the recipe.

Ingredients: Any carrier oil (e.g) Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Castor oil Cayenne pepper Red pepper and Chili flakes Chili pepper *optional ingredients* Dragons blood resin Cinnamon Metal nails and or clippings

Method of use:

Sterilize a bottle - Hot water and alcohol do the trick just fine. Combine all ingredients into bottle and shake vigorously with intent. After use, store preferably in the dark or a dark bottle. For and extra oomph I bind my oils bottle with rune sigils like the one i have in the picture above.

- Foxseidr

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