Flowers in Magick 🌸


With spring over the horizon, flowers will be blooming and it’ll be a great time to collect or buy some for your supplies. This is mostly a list of flowers you’ll find growing wild in most places, with some common ones you can find in either parks or stores. Feel free to add to the list!

Chamomile - Sleep, soothes, reduces stress, peace

😴Clover - Luck, wealth, protection, attracts faeries

🍀Daffodil- Love, luck, fertility

💕Daisy - Love, health, innocence, children

🍼Dandelion - Divination, wishes, attracts spirits

💫Honeysuckle - Money, love, intuition

💵Hydrangea - Hex breaking, protection, binding

🚫Lavender - Peace, happiness, cleansing, clarity 🕯Lilac - Protection, banishing, balancing

⚔️Lily - Purity, love spell breaking, divination

💔Morning Glory - Clarity, intuition, binding

🔮Rose - Blessings, dreams, love, psychic abilities, the goddess

🌕Sunflower - Happiness, power, energy, wishes, the god

💃 Tulip - Beauty, desire, love

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