Different Types of Star Seeds?

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

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🌎 Commonly asked questions by people who are curious about their Cosmic orgins are... 💫

"Are there different types of Star Seeds?

"How do I find out which one I am?

The whole truth about this matter is that we can only do our own research and judge based off what we know about ourselves, our star charts and past life regressions. Cosmic origins are somewhat of a mystery, but with some research you may be able to draw an intuitive conclusion.

- Different Types of Star Seeds? -


These are the different types of star seeds. Some people may identify as an Indigo, a Crystal, a Rainbow which refer to the generations of Star Seeds, but they normally fall under one these categories. It is all dependent on an individual's cosmic origins, from which Star system their soul originates.









There could be more than these!

Each type is unique, and you will need to look into each of these in an attempt to discover your Cosmic origins. There is no way to tell what kind of Star Seed you are unless you do some soul searching!

I hope this answered your question!

Blessed be!🐝

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