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Updated: Jul 3, 2019

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Just the thought of a curse for some is enough to send the mind on a terrible tangent. I'm here today to tell you not to fear, because I'm bringing you an arsenal of curse and hex breaking tips and tools.

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• So what is a Curse? •

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A curse is defined as a negative energy attack put upon someone or something normally to cause harm, misfortune or to take something away from another. Sometimes practitioners of malevolent magick can place this upon you, or even someone with strong feelings, normally negative. Sometimes we can trick ourselves into thinking we have been cursed, which can cause curse symptoms in itself. I wrote this guide for the cursed and uncursed, so those can be aware of what they are, what they do and how to escape its grasp.

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All about Curses

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☠ Comes in many forms ☠

Curses come in all shapes and sizes. The entropy or chaos curse, The binding, The lesson, and The special-purpose curse. It can even come from jealousy or admiration and manifest as the Evil Eye curse.

☠ Timing is everything ☠

Curses in general can become effective immediately or may be dormant for years, and some curses laid on families have been known to have plagued them for generations. The problem is often not solved unless you discover you have been cursed!

☠ Keep your lips sealed ☠

The more personal information someone knows about you, the easier it will be for them to inflict harm upon you. Such things are your appearance, your full name, and your magickal name. It's best to keep quiet about these things around people you aren't so trusting of, or when meshing with other practitioners. Either way, it's always good to be safe!

☠ Is your foe a pro? ☠

If you are cursed, then it is most likely low-end magick practiced by an amateur. Professionals are generally doing more important things with their magick abilities. However, amateurs can have a lot of raw power even when they lack technique, their curses can still be very harmful and dangerous.

☠ Most distastefully bad juju ☠

When life starts feeling like a real life horror movie, you have a special-purpose curse and they can cause a great deal of disaster and havoc in your life. The evil eye curse is considered a special-purpose curse. You can wear a protective talisman called a Nazar that sheilds from the curse being put upon you.

☠ Avoid phony bologna ☠

Be very skeptical if a psychic tells you in a random reading that you have been cursed if you have not suspected yourself that anything has been going on. Some may even try to charge you fees to remove it for you. Be very wary especially if the reading was offered to you for free or very very cheap. That technique is called the bait and switch. If you think you are really cursed, I recommend that you get a second opinion or find a trusted practitioner.

☠ Purify and protect ☠

There are a couple of ways to deal with a curse. The first is to become an initiate of magick and learn to protect yourself. Sometimes other banishing rituals or protective spell workings are used to overpower the curse, protective amulets and talismans can be worn, and blessed oils and sacred washes can be used to attempt to lift the curse’s effect. A major side effect in removing a curse is that when the curse is broken, its energy can recoil on the person who cast it, and if the person has not taken the adequate precautions, it could very easily backfire.

☠ Seek Heavenly Help ☠

Call upon your spirit guides and ancestors for help and guidance. Family members can protect you from psychic harm from the beyond, but you must ask for the help yourself. Speak to them and let them know how you feel about that you need guidance. I also highly recommend decorating common objects around you such as pencils and lighters with angelic symbols, seals and runes, such as Algiz the rune for protection. This will give you the reassurance and extra protection you need during a crisis. 

☠ Are there real remedies? ☠

You can find remedies for specific curses online. You don’t need to practice before you do this, but it is very important to follow all the instructions carefully and conscientiously. Remember to carry some form of protection with you such as a crystal, amulet or talisman or a charm, so you don’t end up being a curse victim in the first place!

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The Curse Cures

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Lets explore the different methods we can use to cure a curse...

☠ Anti-Curse Bath ☠

This is by far the easiest way to cure a curse, and that's by taking a bath using salt, oil and hex breaking herbs. It will remove the negative energy attached to you from the curse.

You can use uncrossing herbs and oils of your choosing and steeping them a while before entering the bath. Be careful to choose ingredients that won't irritate the skin. This is best done under a Waning Moon, but timing isn't essential if you are in a desperate situation. Repeat this as much as you feel is needed. This will only work if it is you who is cursed, and it isn't caused by an external object and if so, you could risk being re-cursed.

☠ Gather ☠

Hexbreaking herbs

White Candle


Oils (Olive or Essential)


Moon Water, Gem Elixirs (Optional)

The Cursed Person

🛠 Process 🛠

☠Gather Ingredients

☠Visualize a magick circle around you

☠Light your candle and incense

☠Begin to fill the tub, use moon water, gem elixirs, and steep your herbs

☠Add the oil and salt, imagine your bath becoming pure

☠You can make a purifying scrub for your skin using salt and olive oil as a mixture

☠Step in to the tub and cleanse your body thoroughly, imagining the energetic ties being removed as you wash them off

☠Enjoy the bath until it's too cold. Blow out the candles and incense, uncast your circle and dry off

☠ A Vessel for the Vile ☠

Curses can sometimes be drawn out into a vessel of some sort. Back then, animals were sometimes used as vessels and sacrificed afterward. Eggs for one, have been popular vessels for uncrossing in Italian, as well as African American traditions.

An egg is normally used as a vessel because it can be broken open to examine the contents to determine the results. You will need a person to help you with this, preferably someone experienced in magick.

☠ Gather ☠

A White Bowl

A White Candle


An Egg

Moon Water (or any water)

The Cursed Person

A Helper

🛠 Process 🛠

☠Gather Ingredients

☠Visualize a magick circle around you

☠Light your candle and incense

☠Get the cursed person to lay down on their back

☠Begin to pass the egg over their body, starting at the head moving in smooth downward motions, being careful not to swish the yolk

☠Say a prayer of the persons choosing. After saying the prayer, crack the egg open into a bowl of water and examine what you see...

☠Close the Circle. Discard the bowls contents at the base of a tree or at crossroads far away from the home of the victim. This process may need to be repeated several times to be effective, to "trap" the curse

☠ Get rid of that thing ☠

If you have a cursed object and you can find it, you should take it and bury it far away from you! If you can't manage to find it, you might be able to locate it using astral projection to follow the link to locate the object. A pendulum might be useful for this as well.

Don't hang onto cursed things, no matter how pretty. They will only make you suffer endless misfortune. Here's what you can do...

☠Take it far out into the country

☠Throw it in a river so it washes away

☠Destroy it, and dispose of the parts in running water

☠Burn and flush the ashes down, set them free in the wind or bury them far away

☠Use Astral travel to get to the object, or its astral double, and destroy it there. You may need to cast a binding spell to find out who cursed you. Cut the cords and free yourself from their ties

💣Don't rehome it 💣

Cursed objects should be destroyed and discarded, don't give these objects to people you love, you may be passing your misfortune on to them!

🌼 Try your best 🌼

You may not be able to try every method that I have mentioned here, as everyone has different skills.  Certain curses may take more effort to get rid of than others. Uncrossing requires copious amounts of time, energy and materials and it can also be dangerous. Be sure to exercise caution and use protection when doing this work.

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• Curse & Hex Breaking Ingredients •

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Heres a list of ingredients I put together that you can use to break curses and hexes.

💣 Watch out! 💣

Please do your research before using them anywhere on or in your body, or even burning! Your safety comes first!

☠ Angelica root ☠

☠ Eyebright ☠

☠ Agrimony ☠

☠ Batwing Herb ☠

☠ Frankinsense ☠

☠ Calamus Root ☠

☠ Hyssop ☠

☠ Myrrh ☠

☠ Alkanet root ☠

☠ Ginseng ☠

☠ Peppermint ☠

☠ Hydrangea ☠

☠ Rosemary ☠

☠ Feverfew ☠

☠ Elder Flowers ☠

☠ Basil ☠

☠ Jasmine ☠

☠ Galangal root ☠

☠ Pepper (black or cayenne) ☠

☠ Bay leaves ☠

☠ Lemon verbena ☠

☠ Sage ☠

☠ Fumitory ☠

☠ Hemlock ☠

☠ Blackthorn ☠

☠ Devil’s Bit ☠

☠ Licorice root or fennel ☠

☠ Stinging nettle ☠

☠ Chamomile ☠

☠ Mandrake ☠

☠ Vetiver ☠

☠ Cinquefoil ☠

☠ Mugwort ☠

☠ Wisteria ☠

☠ Linden Flowers ☠

☠ Red Clover ☠

☠ Dragon’s Blood ☠

☠ Mullein ☠

☠ Juniper Berries ☠

☠ Woods: Ash, Hazel, Oak, Rue, Sandalwood, West Indian Elm, Willow, Wormwood ☠

☠ Brimstone ☠


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• Curse & Hex Breaking Crystals •

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Heres a list of Crystals, Rocks & Minerals that I put together that you can use to break curses and hexes.

☠ Fire Opal ☠

☠ Amethyst ☠

☠ Hematite ☠

☠ Bloodstone ☠

☠ Moldavite ☠

☠ Sapphire ☠

☠ Jade ☠

☠ Smokey Quartz ☠

☠ Carnelian ☠

☠ Obsidian ☠

☠ Black Tourmaline ☠

☠ Amber ☠

☠ Labradorite ☠

☠ Kunzite ☠

☠ Malachite ☠

☠ Clear Quartz ☠

☠ Selenite ☠

☠ Tigers Eye ☠

☠ Howlite ☠

☠ Apache Tear ☠

☠ Rose Quartz ☠

☠ Jet ☠

☠ Staurolyte ☠

☠ Blue Kyanite ☠

☠ Spirit Quartz ☠

☠ Celestite ☠

☠ Fire Agate ☠

☠ Jasper ☠

☠ Fluorite ☠

I really hope you learned a bit about curses, and how to get rid of them. I hope makes you feel ready to take on the cruel, dark world. Even if you do encounter this one day, you will be prepared, and armed with an arsenal of knowledge that you can use to help yourself and others.

✨Thank you so much for reading,

and blessed be!🐝

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