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Aries: carnelian to increase confidence and energy, bloodstone for courage and determination, hematite for protection and strength, diamond to help with passion and endurance

Taurus: rose quartz for sensuality and romance, tiger’s eye for grounding, practicality, and protection, emerald for loyalty and materialism, tourmaline for manifesting wealth and proper values

Gemini: celestite or blue lace agate to improve communication and self-expression, citrine for optimism and fun, opal for adaptation and change, any form of agate to improve observation and analysis

Cancer: moonstone to enhance intuition and imagination, petalite to decrease moodiness and sensitivity, rose quartz for love, empathy, and healing, ocean jasper for relaxation and comfort

Leo: sunstone for self-confidence and pride, amber for bravery and positivity, rhodochrosite to channel into compassion and loyalty, ruby to maintain a healthy ego and heart, tiger’s eye for leadership and encouragement

Virgo: spirit quartz for grounding and spiritual growth, moss agate to increase productivity and maintain a healthy well-being, howlite to decrease anxiety and restlessness, peridot to alleviate critical behaviors against themselves and others

Libra: opal to increase self-love and appeal, jade for balance and diplomacy, yellow aventurine to help make decisions and remain logical, topaz for creativity and kindness

Scorpio: obsidian for protection, citrine for magnetism and charm, malachite for overcoming transformations and change, apache tears for power and manifestation

Sagittarius: turquoise for honesty and understanding, sodalite for self-discovery and trust, lapis lazuli to enhance intuition, clarity, and morality, blue goldstone to combat over-indulgence 

Capricorn: jet to protect and provide structure, smokey quartz for grounding and getting organized, garnet for strength and ambition, ruby to take accountability and remain disciplined in troubling times

Aquarius: amethyst to enhance the intuition, labradorite for manifesting ideas and getting creative, aquamarine to influence cooperation, abalone shell for compassion and humanitarianism

Pisces: angelite for spirituality and connecting to the higher self, fluorite to balance fantasy with reality, sugilite to protect vulnerable emotions, chalcedony to provide peace and healing

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