Bedridden Witch: Wheel of the Year Edition

Updated: Jun 20, 2019


These will be a combo of low energy and bedridden activities! Please note that absolutely nothing is required in order to honor the seasons besides witnessing them and trying to admire the things they bring <3


Purification, spring cleaning, home and hearth. Winter to Spring.

🌸Light a candle or turn on an electric candle.

🌸Open the curtains to let light in. 

🌸Crack open all your windows to let in some fresh air.

🌸Visualize a light cleaning each and every room in your home.

🌸Spray a cleansing spray throughout your bedroom.

🌸Clean an area in your home, big or small. (It could be as simple as making a pile of trash so it’s easier to move later.)

🌸Wash your bedding or rotate your blankets and flip over your pillow.

🌸Change your pajamas.

🌸Bathe yourself (either in the tub or sponge bath style).

🌸Infuse some herbs/flowers into the water!

🌸Low energy Imbolc + Imbolc masterpost

🌸Bedridden witch: Cleansing + Bath Magic


New life, growth, celebration of lusciousness. Spring. 

🌷Water your plants and whisper blessings to them.

🌷Plant something new! It can be as simple as a beansprout in a paper cup.

🌷Open the curtains to let light in. 

🌷Crack open all your windows to let in some fresh air.

🌷Spray floral water in the air and on your bedsheets.

🌷Have someone bring you some spring flowers.

🌷Draw flower designs or in pastel colors.

🌷Make some herbal/floral tea or infusions.

🌷Burn incense or smoke cleanse.

🌷Drink lots of water.

🌷Ostara masterpost

🌷Bedridden witch: Garden + Pastel


Peak of life, renewal, fire. Spring to Summer.

🐑Wake up earlier than usual to enjoy a full day of light.

🐑Make flower crowns with real, fake or paper flowers.

🐑Braid something (your hair, a bracelet, ribbons, etc.)

🐑Make sure sunlight and fresh air can reach you.

🐑Enjoy some fresh fruits, nuts and seeds.

🐑Drink tea or water infused with fruit.

🐑Decorate with/wear/create things with bright colors

🐑Light a candle or turn on an electric candle.

🐑Decorate a new pot for your plants (painting, sharpies, ribbons, etc.)

🐑Write a list of things you would like to release and burn them (alternatively: tear it up and place in a glass of water).

🐑Beltane masterpost

🐑Bedridden witch: Nature + others linked above.


Sunshine, joy, celebration. Summer.

🔥Make sure sunlight and fresh air can reach you.

🔥Try to be awake and witness both the sunrise and sunset.

🔥Pour an offering of water for the plants (indoors, outside or out the window).

🔥Decorate with flowers and crystals.

🔥Have a picnic (outside, on the kitchen floor or in bed).

🔥Enjoy locally grown fruits and veggies.

🔥Find a way to incorporate honey into your day (scrubs, food, tea, etc.)

🔥Burn beeswax candles.

🔥Listen to music that just sounds like summertime.

🔥Make sun water or sun tea.

🔥Bedridden witch: Elements + others linked above.


First harvest, gratitude, abundance. Summer to Autumn.

🌾Eat grains and local veggies.

🌾Eat bread or your closest alternative.

🌾Start a new project like crocheting or knitting.

🌾This is also a great time to finish that project you’ve been avoiding.

🌾Read an entire book, start to finish or finish a book you put down and forgot about.

🌾Infuse berries into water.

🌾Wear and decorate and create with browns, golds, dark greens, oranges and yellows.

🌾Drink rich teas.

🌾Decorate with sunflowers.

🌾Make a mug cake

🌾(x)Low Spoon Ways to Celebrate Lammas


Second harvest, balance, abundance. Autumn.

🥧Drink apple cider or juice.

🥧Decorate your home to make it look more like Autumn (fake or real leaves, acorns, paper cutouts, etc.)

🥧Eat things like breads, nuts, grapes, pomegranates, pies, apples and root vegetables.

🥧Wear/decorate/create with oranges, reds, golds and browns.

🥧Write down all of the things you can think of that you’re thankful for.

🥧Apple magic

🥧Drink warm drinks like coffee or cocoa and add warming spices (cloves, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.)

🥧Create a picnic/feast wherever is reasonable, with a little bit of everything.

🥧Pull up a video of leaves falling or a fire crackling.

🥧Mabon masterpost


Final harvest, honoring ancestors, reflection. Autumn to Winter.

🎃Spiced apple cider

🎃Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced-things, pumpkin seeds.

🎃Decorate with small pumpkins, paint them or draw on them if carving is too high-energy.

🎃Create an altar honoring loved ones who have passed on, either a material one or a photo album online.

🎃Pull up a video of a burning fire or light candles.Turn off all of the lights and sit/lay in darkness.

🎃Visualize your wards and boost your home protection.

🎃Do spirit work/leave offerings for the spirits.

🎃Burn incense/make a spray that smells of spices (cloves, basil, etc.)

🎃Watch spooky/witchy movies.


Creating, sharing gifts and feasts, warmth. Winter.

❄️Create an apple pomander with cloves or spiced orange slices.

❄️Watch videos of fires burning or snow falling.

❄️Decorate with evergreen boughs, holly, pine cones, etc.

❄️Make rosehip, peppermint, vanilla, rooibos or spiced tea.

❄️Step outside/open a window to feel the cold air (if you live somewhere warm, do this in the early morning/night).

❄️Handcraft gifts for loved ones or write heartfelt cards/letters to the people you care about.

❄️Put birdseed outside/a bird feeder by your window.

❄️Make a simmer pot, or use this idea to create a scented spray.

❄️Wash your face with snow/cold water.Drink hot drinks.

❄️Yule masterpost.

❄️Bedridden witch: Winter + others linked above. 

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