Bedridden witch: Elements edition

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Little ways to connect to the elements while you’re bedridden or stuck inside.


Keep jars of dirt from special places. Grow cacti or succulents. Make a mini sand garden. Hang macrame with crystals or stones. Keep a bouquet of flowers. Hang herbs from your walls/ceiling. Get a little plant starter kit, keep seedlings by your window. Keep some books on plants and geology around. Watch nature documentaries. Keep pebbles and crystals under your pillow. Make a miniature garden/landscape using fake or real plants! Reach down and feel the energy of the earth below you. Sometimes this is easier on the floor. Burn candles that smell like the earth/forest/your favorite place. Drink herbal tea.


Get a mini waterfall or fountain.Keep plants that grow in water.Get a water essential oil diffuser.Make a spray from infused water.Open windows when it rains.Set up a bird fountain outside.Fully savor your next glass of water.Keep blues and sea green colors around.Watch videos or documentaries on aquatic/marine life.Watch the raindrops or condensation on your window.Keep a bowl of water around. Listen to water/rain ambiance.Burn candles that smell like the ocean or the rain.Use a washcloth to wipe down your face/body.Keep jars of water from your favorite places.


Open your window. Use room spray/mist. Burn candles that smell like the wind. Hang wind chimes. Listen to air/wind ambiance. Get a small fan for some air flow. Burn incense and watch the smoke move through the air. Use your breath. Hang feathers in your room. Hang scarves and cloths around your room, watch the breeze sway them around. Get some air plants. Use an app that lets you see the sky/night sky. Watch the clouds from your window. Meditate, allow your senses to explore the air around you.


Burn candles/incense. Hang red or orange curtains. Get a Himalayan salt lamp. Use a wax melter. Get an electric candle. Use a heating pad or electric blanket. Listen to fire ambiance.  Use the heat of your body. Watch gifs/videos of fire. Keep a lighter nearby when you need a little flame.  Place a little tealight in a fireproof vessel near your bed. Feel the warmth and strength of the sun. Build up energy with your hands, imagine it’s fire. Drink tea with warming spices (cinnamon, cloves, etc.)

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Thanks to @healing-water-witch for giving me the idea and contributing!


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