🌿Bath Witch: Heal a Broken Heart🌿

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🌿Bath Witch: Heal a Broken Heart🌿

Hello, my greenies! This spell is a ritual bath for mending a broken heart. It is not to attract a new love, but to heal that which was injured by a past one. It’s not easy to forgive or to forget, but hopefully with this spell I can ease the pain a little.

Please make sure you understand a little about bath magic before you perform this. Some ingredients can irritate certain skin types and I want everyone to be careful. For those who have sensitive body parts I recommend taking a shower after, so you can rinse off if you feel irritated.


1 tbsp of dried lavender

5 drops of lemongrass oil

5 drops of tea tree oil

2 dried bay leaves

4 ounces of epsom salts

a bowl of any size

jar of some sort

paper and pen (not color specific)


Place dried lavender and bay leaves together in a grinder of sorts and grind a few before adding the epsom salts. After a minute or two add, one by one, lemongrass and tea tree oil. Mix after each oil and then stir and grind together until in a combined form. Place the completed salt into the mason jar and label. As your bath is filling up take the paper and pen and write your feelings of hurt and suffering on the parchment. Once complete, fold and place paper into the bowl. Move the bowl next to the bath, we will use it later.Get the bath ready and once the water is hot place 3 tbsps in the bath and mix with your hands.

While you mix chant:

“The heart is but broken glass, and mind fragile flower petals. Mother strengthen my soul, heal the wounds of an old love, and birth me anew. Like the phoenix, like the butterfly, I come naked and ready to fly.”

Before you step into the bath, place a good amount of the infused bath water into the bowl with the paper in it. Place it next to your tub and hop in.Sit for about 30 minutes and carefully step out. Slowly dry your body.When you are ready, take the bowl and dump the contents into the bath.

Make sure you take the paper out and you can roll it into a ball, rip it apart, or just throw it away. Once you are done, I recommend sitting with a nice book or listening to calming music.

Love is a strange emotion that can morph into something we don’t recognize. Don’t let someone turn you into a stranger. Love yourself enough to knowing you are beautiful and amazing and deserve love.

You deserve to be happy.

- Kenzie

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