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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

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• Beautiful prisms, rainbows and reflections •

- Crystal Correspondences -

💎 Chakra 💎: All

💎 Crystal 💎: Aura Quartz

💎 Main Properties 💎: Increases spirituality, powerful for transmitting and sending energy, brings happiness and joy, energizes

💎 Body Part 💎: Mind, Throat, Thymus

💎 Benefits 💎: Heals Aura and brings energetic health

✨The Magick of Aura Crystals✨

Unlock the power within your prisms…

Not only are crystals with anomalies and holograms in them beautiful and captivating, they also have amazing metaphysical and healing properties.

Aura Crystals normally originate from the quartz family. The rainbow reflections can be caused by titanium that bonded on the surface or interior of the crystal, extreme temperatures or holographic chambers inside. These can be naturally occurring or man made by using alchemicalized metal.

Hold your Clear Quartz or Amethyst up to the light in different directions. Do you see a rainbow or a hologram? Sometimes we have these crystals and don’t even know it!

✨Properties of Aura Crystals✨

Here are some of the magickal properties…

•Increases personal power

•Helps balance and work with all chakras

•Helps you deal with tough situations and people

•Helps activate Rainbow Body and Light Body

•Brings Hope and Enthusiasm into your life

•Helps you raise your vibrations and tap into the spiritual plane

•High potential to heal

•Holds the ability to send energy

•Aura amplifies the properties of the base crystal for example, if it’s amethyst, it will be very powerful in meditation and will very much increase psychic abilities. This makes it a highly spiritual Crystal.

✨How To Use Aura Crystals✨

Here are many different uses for these beautiful iridescent crystals…

•Star Seeds and Lightworkers could use these for soul searching and finding answers about their origins.

•Keep an Aura Crystal in your bag or pocket when you go out, to help you feel happiness, joy and more alive!

•Use to balance your chakras, because the rainbow aura allows you to work with each one. Can help one reach a very deep meditative state.

•These crystals are highly healing and can even be used to heal someone at a distance, they hold the ability to send energy.

•Use to work with the throat and thymus, can help with mental illness and immune system issues.

•These crystals can be used to activate other stones since they are highly energizing, helps when using crystals for healing.

•Use as the centre piece in your crystal grid to boost its energy!

•Charge your other crystals with it, specifically other Quartz because it’s very powerful and amplifies energies.

✨Do you have any Aura Crystals?✨

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