Astrology Cheat Sheet

Having trouble remembering what the Signs and planets mean?


Here’s a cheat sheet!

The Zodiac Signs: These key phrases express what the basic nature of each of the signs at their core. Sometimes it’s what most important to them, usually it’s what’s second nature for them to focus on.

Aries: I am Taurus: I possess Gemini: I think Cancer: I feel Leo: I will Virgo: I analyze Libra: I balance Scorpio: I desire Sagittarius: I see Capricorn: I use Aquarius: I theorize Pisces: I believe

The Planets: These key phrases express what the basic sphere of personality each planet is designated to.

Sun: As a whole, I am- | I behave- Moon: I deal with emotions by- | In order to be happy, I need- Mercury: I communicate through- | I learn by- Venus: I value- | In romance, I- Mars: I am passionate about- | I deal with anger by- Jupiter: I am luckiest when- | I expand through- Saturn: I view my limitations as- | I feel responsible about- Uranus: I rebel- | I progress towards- Neptune: I feel enlightened when- | I lose touch with reality- Pluto: I transform- | I seek power by-

The Houses: These key phrases express the fields of our lives the houses govern.

1st House: Self 2nd House: Possessions 3rd House: Communication 4th House: Home 5th House: Pleasure 6th House: Health 7th House: Partnership 8th House: Sex 9th House: Philosophy 10th House: Social Status 11th House: Friendships 12th House: Subconscious

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