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The journey of a Star Seed can be a really tough one. It can be really lonely, and with not much advice out there, it's so easy to feel alone and isolated, and feel like nobody understands you. I made this post since I was getting a lot of questions about advice for Star Seeds and light workers. If you are interested in learning some tips that could benefit you, keep on reading!



🌟 Hi there, Daymion! 🌟

It's so awesome that you discovered you are an Indigo child. It can be a very fulfilling but scary experience, as you are most likely going through so many life changes. You may even have a feeling of “homesickness”, wanting to return to your place of origin. For some, life on Earth is completely unrelatable and some have a hard time fitting in. I still feel like that to this day, and it is completely normal for Indigos.

One of the first steps are to realize that even though we feel we don’t belong here, we need to integrate ourselves and fulfill our life missions, whether it’s through helping people, teaching or taking care of others. Our job is to use our abilities for the greater good and to help humanity evolve during the Age of Aquarius. Many people will be waking up to realize they are Indigos, Star Seeds, or Crystal and Rainbow children.

Most Star Seeds and Indigo children have incarnated on Earth for a specific purpose or life mission. Is there a cause you are drawn to? Do you feel the urge to help people, or a specific group of people? Do you feel a strong connection to animals? Analyze and think about these things, your inner self may reveal it to you. You may find you are being drawn to a certain life path, or you may feel completely lost, and that is okay, you will find your calling when you listen to what the universe is telling you.

Watch for synchronicity like repeat numbers because they hold certain messages, and be mindful or your surroundings. The more externally aware you are, the more you can pick up on things. Now if you want the opposite, you can practice moving your focus inward for protection if you find you are getting overwhelmed. Empaths are normally affected greatly by other peoples energy and that’s why they retreat into solitude. It is very energetically draining for Empaths to be in large crowds for long periods of time. You can wear certain Amulets or Talismans that protect you from your energy being drained or psychic attack.

Avoid boredom and excuse yourself from toxic situations, conversations and relationships. Avoid drama or bitterness, since all these behaviors radiate highly negative energy. Make it known to others you are here to bring peace. Act Sovereign. Be responsible for who you are and what you do, make mindful and healthy choices. It is the first step to spiritual freedom, letting yourself as well as others, have the freedom to be who they truly are. Avoid others who drain you or fill you with negativity, as many of us are energetic sponges and tend to fall victim to energy vampirism.

As an indigo you may feel attracted to crystals known as Lemurian Seed. They are said to hold ancient knowledge of the lost land of Lemuria, programmed by them for us to find in our awakening. I own these because I was so magnetically drawn to them, and you as an Indigo will probably as well! They radiate the strongest feeling of genuine love, and have highly powerful healing energy. These crystals also help with past life recall. I will be posting about this later!

You can try learn about your Cosmic Origins to better establish a connection with your past lives and soul. Larmiar is said to be connected to Atlantis, so you may benefit from working or wearing it if you feel you have an Atlantean connection. These crystals may help you establish unity and a better connection with the universe and feel the oneness with all of creation. We are all technically star seeds because our DNA is made up of different cosmic origins. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t discover this right away. It may take a long time to discover your Star origins, but don't give up. Just keep doing the soul work and continuing on this path, and answers will be revealed to you along the way. Trust in yourself, you are a magical being!

✨ I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions! ✨

Thanks so much for reading!

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