🎃50 (Witchy) Things to Do With a Notebook👻


I’ve got an ongoing list of things to do with a blank notebook or journal (because I can’t stop buying them), and I’ve pulled out the ones that I think might be of interest to magical, witchy, or pagan types. Hopefully, if you guys find yourselves stuck in front of that first blank page, there’ll be something here to inspire you!

Some of these examples have links or descriptions to further elaborate on what I pictured when I put them on the list, but don’t feel boxed in by any of these! Always feel free to think outside of the box.

🎃 Magical Journal YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT IT IS :’))  👻 Dream Journal 🎃 Psychic Journal  [1][2] Keep a record of your insights, premonitions and predictions. Be sure to make a note of when you’re right! 👻 Prayer/Chant Journal Even if you don’t write your own, having the ones you enjoy all in one place makes a great reference. 🎃 Meditation Journal [1][2] Journaling can be a form of meditation in and of itself, but you can also keep track of your meditation experiences or just log when you do it. If you’re doing guided meditations, you can list which ones you used as well. 👻 Test Spellbook [1] 🎃 Divination Journal Keep track of your readings, done and received, as well as any other progress  👻 Book of Shadows 🎃 “Rough Draft” Book of Shadows Work out your BOS before committing it into a larger, more expensive book 👻 Ritual Record Apparently if you do them, you might want to keep track of them. 🎃 Gratitude Journal [1] 👻 Messages from Deity 🎃 Letters to Deity 👻 Manifestation Journal [1][2] 🎃 Reading List(s) You can make your own list of books you want to read for your path, or copy down the suggestions of others. 👻 Nature Journal [1] 🎃 Research Journal Make note of your questions, goals, and sources! 👻 Genealogy/Ancestor Journal [1][2][3] 🎃 Gardening Journal [1][2][3] 👻 Personal Almanac Make a personal, customized version of the magical almanacs or planners that get released every year.  🎃 Collect Truth Write down the things you agree with. why do you agree? Decide what’s true, or what feels true. If you can, include things that you don’t actually agree with, but you still think are true – that’s a fun thing to contemplate.  👻 Collect Lies I actually started keeping track of the false beliefs I’d either told myself or had been told, and perhaps a little more tricky – things I see others telling each other that I don’t agree with. Feel free to talk about why you have decided these are lies. And look back every now and then to see if you still agree with yourself. 🎃 Formulas Write down your favourite (or even experimental!) recipes for oils, incenses, inks, or whatever else you’ve got going in the cauldron so that you don’t forget how to make them. 👻 Your Personal “Bible” [1][2] 🎃 Sigil Codebook [1] 👻 Sigil Logbook Log sigils you’ve made or found for future reference. 🎃 Personal Symbol Log [1] 👻 Affirmation Journal [1][2] 🎃 Recipe Book Invaluable for a kitchen witch, especially if you’re keeping track of the magical effects of certain recipes! 👻 Book Exercise Journal Almost every book and every course suggests keeping a journal for it to record your progress, do the assignments, et cetera. 🎃 Spelled Book Turn each page into a spell! Rip it out or otherwise engage with the page to use it. 👻 Spirit Dossiers If you work with spirits, keep profiles of their personalities, likes, dislikes, interactions with them, et cetera. 🎃 Charger Book Imbue pages with a magical signature, leave objects on page to charge them. 👻 Book of Spreads I’ve got two spread books – one book has my own spreads, and one book has spreads from other people that I’ve liked. It’s beyond helpful to keep track of these somewhere in case you ever want to use them again, or share them with a friend! 🎃 Good Advice from Other Witches 👻 Altar Photobook Include pictures of your altars for reference, or other altars you loved! 🎃 Correspondences List This is especially useful if you’re trying to develop your own personal correspondences! 👻 Book of Hours [1][2] 🎃 Spellbook  👻 Spirit Grimoire Pick a spirit, or group of spirits, and create a grimoire for them 🎃 Shrine Book Make a scrapbook shrine for your gods. 👻 Book Notes Journal Keep notes on the witchy/pagan/etc books you read so you can remember what your thoughts, insights, and problems with them! 🎃 Witchy Transcript In Dedicant: A Witch’s Circle of Fire, Thuri Calafia talks about her witchy transcript: “All the spiritual work I’d done, the meditations I’d used, the rituals I’d written, the books I’d read, everything I could think of pertaining to my spiritual path.” She goes into more detail about what to include in her book, but take the idea and run with it! 👻 Tarot Journal  🎃 Magical Travel Guide Map out your land, neighborhood, et cetera. Make notes of the sacred sites, where spirits live, your local witchy stores, places you do ritual, which grocery store sells fresh basil, where you found the wood you used for your wand, crossroads, and other places of interest. 👻 Astral Mapping Similar to the above, but for those of y’all who go Over There. 🎃 Good Ideas I keep a notebook of magical concepts and ideas I find in fiction that I want to figure out how to recreate in real life. 👻 Aesthetic Scrapbook If you’re developing a magical aesthetic [1][2], then keep a book devoted to that! 🎃 Shadow Work Journal [1][2] 👻 (Witchy) Things To Do With A Blank Notebook Keep your own list! When you’re not sure what to do with your next blank notebook, see what stands out on the list and try it out!  🔮

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