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Mia Bee is a young psychic intuitive and growing entrepreneur who offers a wide range of spiritual services. She is an active member of the Witches Circle Amino community, Youtube, Tumblr and enjoys creating content.  She started an online business in 2018 selling a wide variety of magic goods, tools and spiritual services., and opened this site in March 2019. She continues to spread her message of light in all her workings, showing the importance of sticking to a path aligned with our higher divine selves which will in turn lead to everlasting peace and happiness. If you'd like, you can buy her a coffee here.

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Star Seeds are souls placed here on Earth to fulfill a specific  divine purpose, which can be said for all of us. There are some of us who feel "other-worldly" or that we are not originally from Earth. Recognizing the importance of uniting all of these Cosmic Souls, Here on our site and in the Witches Circle Amino , we have created a safe community for Star Seeds, Witches and many other Spiritually inclined individuals. We don't mind things being a bid odd or weird, we are totally used to it. Come join our Community,  you are bound to find something interesting. It is out of this world!


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We opened BEE'S BOTÁNICA MAGICK EMPORIUM & APOTHECARY in late 2018, selling handmade goods, Crystals & Minerals, and Magic Tools. We want to awaken to magic inside of every customer, and give them the tools they need to work their magick. With each sale we intend to spread love and light, and preach a message of uniqueness and boldness. Each of our products is infused with good vibes, ensuring that your products will help to enrich your spiritual practice, no matter what it may be.