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Mia Bee, The Blessed Bee

Psychic & Entrepreneur

Proudly Canadian

Mia Bee is a young spiritual Canadian Psychic Reader and growing Entrepreneur. She is an active member of Youtube, the Witches Circle Amino community and enjoys creating content. Operating out of Thunder Bay Ontario, Bee's Botanica helps to provide you with magical, handcrafted and upcycled goods for all your mystical needs! Bee's Botanica also offers Card Reading services for those looking for spiritual help and guidance. We are excited to have you here in our Online Community!

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BEE'S BOTÁNICA offers a wide variety of Services such as :

A Magick Emporium & Apothecary Shop, Intuitive- Psychic Readings of many kinds using many different mediums such as Oracle Cards, Tarot and more. From our Online Community to Spiritual Tools, we are sure to have many things in store that will appeal to you!